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EG.621 Voicedrone

Voicedrone’s interview:

Born in a town called Mestia, in the Caucasian mountains of Georgia – the highest peak in the whole of Europe – Voicedrone is now a name heard by many in London Town.

Laying down his roots and dream studio in East London, this newfound sanctuary is where he’s now full throttle into his solo productions. Surrounding himself with vintage synths, drum machines, and his latest purchase a vintage Roland Space Echo is where he finds his comfort; and it shows in his forthcoming EP ‘Emotional Disorder’.

His debut EP combines the sounds of some of his finest kit – beautiful synths and retro drum machines help create tracks like ‘Nomina’. The release is already gaining momentum; attracting the ears of Dixon, KiNK, DJ Tennis, and Mano Le Tough and more plus radio plays on Rinse FM and NTS in the UK.

He continues to join the dots between Georgia and London – connecting many of his creative friends to his music. To accompany the EP, they’ve created two enchanting videos that delve into the visions behind ‘Why’ and ‘Nomina’, directed by two rising stars from his hometown.

A vinyl release is in the pipeline via own his label IMPERFECT in May, and digital release is to follow. Voicedrone is part of project ARTDEPO with his friend Lokiboi(UK) and their Debut EP is waiting daylight as well…

01. Voicedrone and Jett – EURO96 (Forthcoming on Imprfct.)
02. L.B. Dub Corp – Nearly Africa Dub (OTSGUT TON)
03. Answer Code Request – Zeitspielraum (OTSGUT TON)
04. Peter Fonda – I Don’t Have To Be Upset (Lives Through Magic)
05. Dude Energy – Renee Running (Animals Dancing)
06. Nitam – Retold (Unterton)
07. Syclops – Where’s Jason’s K (DFA)
08. Sterac – Rotary (Klockworks)
09. Dj Deep – Surge (Deeply Rooted House)
10. Fango – Dritto (Degustibus)
11. R-Zone – Hired Guns (Delsin)
12. Johannes Heil – Cherubim (Kanzleramt)

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