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EG.624 Alec Troniq

Inveterate urge to play drives Alec Troniq in his childhood to make all kinds of things unleash the strangest sounds. Ordinary objects, keyboards and a C64 get treated in a way that these have never been meant for. The most interesting fact is: computers can create real music – in particular these machine-like sounds which flow his cosmos all along. Meanwhile the revolution of the 90s rave techno culture is taking place out there in old East German factory buildings and wipes out all memories of those grey times from just three, four summers ago. The spirit of departure, freedom and the open world of all new music electrifies our little blondie and implants the feeling of happy-go-lucky into his young soul.

In his adolescence his musical foolings assume shapes, which are similar to his brother’s noisy techno tapes, souvenirs of dark and endless club weekends. In addition the vital feedback culture of the early internet communities enters his nursery through the telephone wire and takes like-minded people into his East German solitude. These cultural interactions quickly sum up in his first release, while Alec still frequently gets rejected from club doors due to his youth.

18-aged his musical preferences are broadened, so he plays first minimalistic electro ambient live performances in after-hour clubs and independent radios – but at the same time also heavy techno on dark, foggy and flashing basement raves. Across the years several projects will evolve from this variety – even from experimental breakbeats up to Jazz. But Alec’s major fascination applies to dreamy melodies combined with a rhythmic drive. Several vinyl releases follow on Etui Records with great reviews.

Too often musical conventions thwart his creativity. So he breaks out by building his own playground with Mentalic, his brother in mind. Their odd sound has polarizing effects on the audience, though the label establishes consistent vinyl chart positions quickly: Ipoly Music. In a pretty strange way their releases and Live Acts always aim the dance floors, which Alec vibrates also on a Mexico tour, in Estonia, UK, France, Netherlands and Switzerland. His vinyl EP „Uncrufter 1000“ is reaching highest levels.

Along that way the two-meters-man provides gentle tunes on the label Broque – coming out of his audiophile passion for deep tunes beyond the club frenzy. His album „Windspiel“ is released there in 2010, which is praised by well-known names.

Soon the desire for variety makes his music more cheerful and shapes a crazy and ironical sound, that will unawarely strike the upcoming spirit of the scene and work his way up to the annual top sellers in 2012, „Pimpernuckel“ by name. At the same time an own event series comes off. It quickly exceeds its capacity and will result in further spin-offs later: Ipoly Ravin’.

In 2013 suddenly the young Gabriel Vitel shows up. On impulse they produce common songs, play live and start an intensively acclaimed tour together: Amsterdam, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and German highlights like Feel Festival, 3000grad Festival, Docks Hamburg, Weidendamm Hanover, Pathos Munich, Odonien Cologne, Suicide Circus Berlin and many more. In 2015 their tour climaxes in the Groove Symphony with the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra to a capacity crowd at Konzerthaus Dortmund – with unending standing ovations, many encores and enormous reach out of the concert hall. Here they take the reins from Super Flu and pass them to Marc Romboy. In the meantime songs like „Mind Doodles“ reach millions of plays.

In 2016 Alec picks up his very own mighty club sound. Its dirty live attitude makes the sweat of hot crowds condense on the club ceilings and brings diversity to labels like Formatik, Snoe, Keno and more. In his mind this point once again feels like everything starts off right now. Because in all of his work you can always hear: Alec Troniq’s childish urge to play.

1 – Kevin Over – Retrovision
2 – Tiger Stripes – Body Shake
3 – Walker & Royce – Seventeen
4 – Glimpse – L Plate (Tom Demac Remix)
5 – Gazelle Twin – Belly Of The Beast (Tom Demac Remix)
6 – Alec Troniq – Big Cadillacs
7 – Reelow & Leroy Burgess – This Is How We Do It (Tiger Stripes Remix)
8 – Audion – Mouth To Mouth (Dense & Pika Remix)
9 – Adam Beyer vs. Dense & Pika – Going Down
10 – Blawan – Vibe Decorium
11 – Alec Troniq – Knock Knock Knock Knock
12 – Solardo – Blackout
13 – Ruben Mandolini – Also! (2015 Rework)
14 – Gene Farris & Riva Starr – After Dark (Is When We Move)

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