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EG.627 Illich Mujica

llich Mujica’s Interview: 

llich Mujica is a Venezuelan DJ / Producer based in New York City, from where he set up the DJ’ing collective Techtonic Division and the Techtonics parties. illich has shared DJ-performance time with Marc Romboy, Joris Voorn, Edwin Oosterwall, Guy Gerber, Green Velvet, Radio Slave, Cari Lekebusch, Davide Squillace, Evil Eddie Richard, Onionz, Nick Curly, Delete, amongst others.


“I’ve named this DJ mix, “Soundtrack to the Resistance.” It’s a reminder of the work that needs to be done and the fight that needs to be fought to protect our democracy and the environment during the dystopian times of one of the most harmful U.S. administrations in history.

This very personal mix is heavy on field recordings, samples from speeches and even soundtracks. It features “Lo Air” by Johannes Brecht, a track that is part of the Iceberg Songs project against Climate Change, in which a group of researchers and scientists field-recorded the sounds of the icebergs melting, and provided those to a group of selected musicians to use in new productions. It also has a track featuring a famous Iranian singer, (Iran is one of the countries in the Muslim travel ban). A dear Iranian friend who I consider my sister tells me that she chants, “Shut me down if I am saying nonsense (or if I am saying anything but the truth).” It also features Laurie Anderson, describing the feeling of NYC post-9/11 (a feeling that I am all too familiar with, having moved to Manhattan just days before), blending into a dystopian field recording of my own from the middle of a recent march for refugees in Manhattan.

It is a heavy mix, but these are heavy times. While many rightly believe that dance music should provide us with escape from the constant barrage of shocking news, I strongly believe that we to need to fight from all angles, and as in other musical genres, dance music lovers also need a proper soundtrack to do so.”


1. Laurie Anderson – From the Air (Nonsuch Records)
2. Illich Mujica – Field Recording: Immigrant March in Manhattan Feb 2017
3. Robert Babicz – So Many Ways (Claws SG Remix) (Traum)
4. Hundreds – Please Rewind (Krakatau Records)
5. Johannes Brecht – Lo Air (Original) / From the Iceberg Songs Project
6. Leonardo DiCaprio’s U.N. Speech on climate change from the film “Before the Flood”
7. The Box – Sketches of Pain (Jon Charnis Remix)(Endless)
8. Reinier Zonneveld – Gateway (Original)(Stil Vor Talent)
9. Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul – Go Back to Bed America Acapella (Maximize Profit)
10. Frank Weidemann – Moorthon II (Original)(Innervisions)
11. Congressional Democrat John Lewisí Sit-In on the House Floor Over Gun Control, June 2016
12. Mind Against – Strange Days (Life and Death)
13. Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul Acapella (Maximize Profit)
14. Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul Infusion Remix)(Maximize Profit)
15. Petar Dundov – Distant Shores (Original)(Music Man Records)
16. Leonardo DiCaprio’s U.N. Speech on climate change from the film “Before the Flood”
17. Damian Lazarus, Shaun Reeves, Art Department, BLUD – Robot Heart (Instrumental Mix)(No.19 Music)
18. Barack Obama’s Farewell Speech
19. Ben Bhmer – Dissensions (Original Mix)(Freundchen)
20. Hiatus – Empress (feat. Hayedeh) – Bandcamp
21. Bertrand Russell’s Advice for Future Generations

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