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EG.649 Olivier Weiter

Inspired by the infamous Amsterdam underground parties, his clubbing experiences in Berlin and the endless afterhours in his former basement, Olivier quickly developed himself as a DJ and producer.

With high profile shows at events like Awakenings, Welcome to the future, Mysteryland, Timewarp NL and Loveland, Olivier Weiter has grown to become more than an established name in the broader Dutch nightlife. He expanded followers on world-wide levels by showcasing big events like Tomorrowland Brazil, Mysteryland USA and Mysteryland Chili, and plays his well known boundless DJ-sets at the most respected clubs in Berlin such as Wilde Renate, Katerblau, Watergate, Ritter Butzke & Sysiphos, Approved by the infamous Bar25.

Olivier released music on highly acclaimed labels such as SUDBEAT, Einmusika Recordings, Subjekt, Chapter24 and Parquet Recordings. including his track “Angelus,” which was featured on the DeepDish Essential Mix.

A true testament to his career is the WEITER concept.

Olivier Weiter launched his own musical platform under the name of WEITER. With this platform, Olivier carries out his individual expression and philosophy of sound, and creates an opportunity to share his vision about clubbing with a broad audience by organizing WEITER events.

The WEITER concept was introduced through his unforgettable sold-out, solo shows at Paradiso, Amsterdam’s notorious pop-venue, as well as several festival hosting’s and club shows spread throughout the year.

As a natural extension of his platform, Olivier Weiter started his own music label in 2015, whose own style will be reflected in the musical output of the label, resulting in a wide spectrum of electronic dance music.

The label released music from young talents and established artists like Mohn, Eelke Kleijn, Miss Melera, Lonya, Marc Holstege, Formel and Arjuna Schiks.

01. Budakid – Confused
02. Filippo Diamantini – Empty Spaces
03. Trilucid – Endless Moment
04. Supacooks – Aftermath
05. Henry Saiz – September
05. Hans Zimmer – Time (Tale Of Us Edit)
06. Bicep – Glue
07. Freakme – Kaos
08. Fur Coat – Parallel Dimensions
09. Natural Flow – Magma
10. Tone Depht – Polaris
11. Marco V – Simulated (Bas Amro remix)

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