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EG.661 Yulia Niko


Yulia Niko is best known for her creative and diverse techno sound. Starting her career as a DJ in Sochi, Russia, she immediately found her love with the underground electronic music. Upon receiving her law degree, she moved to Brooklyn to continue her education where her journey of producing and playing her own techno tracks started. She had the opportunity to express, perfect and support techno music with the most respected talents in NY. Currently, she’s residing in Berlin working on her vinyl only label TochnoTechno. This unique experience inspired her to establish her own sound and be recognized as MixMag’s “20 artists to know who are rising from the underground”

In 2017 she’s released tracks with Get Physical, Plant74 and MATTER+ which have been played globally by techno gurus Carlo Lio, Paco Osuna, Marco Carola. Yulia Niko is unquestionable no stranger in the underground music industry. She’s rigorously focusing on her passion of creating and producing music that will continue to embrace her global reputation. YN sold her soul to the music devil. Are you ready?!

01. Yulia Niko – Smooth Operator Sade edit
02. Acanalar – Project0009 [Sukhumvit]
03. Yaya, Lorenzo Chiabotti – The Fraud (Original Mix) [Monologue Music]
04. NO ID
05. Bodin, Jacob – Nexus (Original Mix) [Traffic]
06. John Jastszebski – 31 [SIGNATUNE REC]
07. RÈbeval – Chantage [L.I.E.S.]
08. NO ID
09. Dylan Cameron – Public Space [Hold Your Ground]
10. Origins Of Time – Vazy Tool [CELO Rec]
11. NO ID
12. Point G.& The 300 – B1 Avignon Drum [Point G]
13. Indeed – Super Clap [Depiction]
14. Andrea Oliva – Jungle Dub

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