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EG.990 Michael Mayer

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“This mix sums up pretty much what I’m currently playing and also where my label Kompakt is headed these days. I’m straddling the lines between warm, summerly tunes and some abrasive visitors from the wilder side of the spectrum” – Michael Mayer

Born in Germany’s scenic Black Forest, Michael Mayer’s journey into the heart of electronic music began in the most organic way. Drawn to dance music from an early age, his passion eventually led him to Cologne in the early 1990s. There, alongside Wolfgang Voigt and Jürgen Paape, Mayer co-founded Kompakt, a record label that would become a beacon for innovative electronic sounds. Kompakt wasn’t just about music; it was about creating a community where artists could experiment and thrive.

Michael Mayer’s prowess as a DJ quickly garnered international attention. Known for his ability to weave different genres into a seamless, emotive journey, his sets are nothing short of legendary. His debut album, “Touch,” released in 2004, was met with critical acclaim for its intricate, melodic techno. Albums like “Mantasy” (2012) and “&” (2016), which featured collaborations with artists such as Joe Goddard and Miss Kittin, further solidified his reputation as a master producer. Mayer’s music is deeply emotional and meticulously crafted, earning him spots at top clubs and festivals around the world.

As we kick off the countdown to EG1K, we’re thrilled to have Michael Mayer as the guest artist for our 990th podcast. This milestone is a testament to Mayer’s enduring influence in the electronic music scene. Beyond his musical achievements, he’s a mentor and tastemaker, always looking for new talent to nurture. Through Kompakt, he’s helped shape the careers of many artists, keeping the label at the forefront of electronic music innovation. Michael Mayer’s story is one of passion, creativity, and an unwavering dedication to the music that moves us all.

  1. Lucie Antune – Hoho Michael Mayer Remix (Infiné)
  2. Panthera Krause – Stonith (Riotvan)
  3. Radio Slave – Jaws (Rekids)
  4. Hardt Antoine – I Will (Kompakt)
  5. Wallace – Paons Dave DK Remix
  6. Dinky – Casa Axel Boman Dub Mix (Crosstown Rebels)
  7. Small Car NRG – Small Car NRG (Public Possession)
  8. Orlando Voorn – Raise The Bar (Kompakt)
  9. Paranoid London – Grndr (Paranoid London Records)
  10. Sepehr – Genesis Domain (Dekmantel)
  11. Michael Mayer – Sycophant (Kompakt)
  12. Energy 52 – Café Del Mar Michael Mayer Remix (Superstition)
  13. Gui Boratto & Darren Emerson – The Shell (Kompakt)
  14. Fantastic Twins – Silver Moon Dial (House Of Slessors)
  15. 9OASES – Streetpoet Axel Boman Remix (Kompakt)
  16. Lorenzo Dada & Luciano Michelini – Samba (Kompakt)

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