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EG.783 alexander:louis

“I want to thank the EG family for having me back on their podcast. I approached this mix with the hope to share some of the different sub-genres of electronic music i’m into right now by creating a story through different vibes. I think a mix is a great opportunity to blend styles and genres, oppose to a set where you’re typically looking for consistency and drive. Hope you all enjoy” – alexander:louis

alexander:louis (vyvn) is an event producer, DJ/ producer, and community builder in NYC. His background is in neuropsychology, where he tries to incorporate aspects of this into his events from understanding the flow of an event, to general interactions. He also tries to take this perspective into any DJ set trying to stimulate, and re-stimulate the listener throughout the journey. He likes to try and create ebbs and flows throughout a set/mix by delicately mixing genres with a variety of mixing styles to create interest during the entire product. All of his mix’s are recorded live to try to create a more realistic experience, as well as provide what a DJ set may sound like live. You’ll notice that a:l plays a lot of tracks with an attitude, driving the crowd to a high energy dance floor. Most of his mix’s have two parts to it, starting out groovy and funky, moving to a more high energy dance-centric approach at the end.

01. Ross from Friends – John Cage
02. Harrison BDP – Decompression
03. Pablo Rocco – On Me (Toman Remix)(Vinyl Only)
04. ID – ID
05. The Black 80s – Move On (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix)
06. Rennan Feijo – Come Back
07. Josh Butler – Put It Away (CET)
08. Philipp Gonzales – Traveller in the Fog (Andrey Djackonda Remix)
09. Blaze – Lovelee Dae (Bicep Remix)
10. PAWSA – STOOSHY (Extended Mix))
11. Djoko – Rise Together
12. Abi, Tommy Vercetti – I want you
13. Eskuche – Passion (Extended Mix)
14. Josh Butler, Beverley Knight – Take Me to Paradise (AEDT)
15. Djedjotronic – Are Friends Electric (Curses Remix) x Pieralberto Valli – Salome (Ivory Re-Vision) (a:l mashup)
16. Ross from Friends – March
17. Gramatik – The Prophet (Version 2.0)

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