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EG.786 Glowal

“During the lockdown, this mix is a way to present what we would like to play at our gigs and the desire to share those emotions with you all. You’ll find a few of our unreleased tracks in the mix as well as the music we’ve been playing a lot during our last shows before March” – Glowal

An artistic audio alliance between Italian producers Fabio Giannelli and Alessandro Gasperini, Glowal merges stirring atmospherics, contagious rhythms and emotive vocals to create a unique sonic identity. In a very short time Glowal has captivated the imaginations of electronic music lovers and influential tastemakers all over the world, establishing themselves as a dynamic, forward-thinking duo. With releases on Innervisions, Diynamic, TAU, Sapiens, and many more, plus gigs across Europe, India, and the Middle East they are in high demand, earning universal respect for their productions and sublime DJ performances. It’s only been a year but Glowal have already picked up a dedicated global following, which includes renowned selectors such as Dixon and Solomun. Hardworking, innately talented and full of passion for their craft, Glowal are making quite an impact.

Born and raised in Italy, both Alessandro and Fabio were influenced by their older brothers. Alessandro’s brother was an event promoter in their hometown Pisa, he introduced young Alessandro to electronic music by taking him to his parties. Meanwhile, in Lecce, Fabio’s brother collected records and DJ’d at friends’ parties from time to time. Young Fabio fell in love with the electronic artists in his brother’s collection; Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Robert Miles… When they got old enough, the two men began experimenting with making and playing their own music.

Glowal was born and hit the scene in 2018. Since then their reputation and status within the underground scene has grown rapidly, buoyed by releases like ‘Flowers On Tears’ [Siamese] and ‘Divisions Control’ [Atlant].

At the beginning of 2019, their breakthrough cut ‘Cries’ was released on Part 11 of Innervision’ highly respected Secret Weapons compilation. ‘Cries’ exemplifies the Glowal sound, rousing atmospherics, solemn yet catchy melodies and slick production with a very human core. It’s music designed to move your body, mind and soul. A few months after ‘Cries’ blazed its trail, the duo released their first full EP with Exit Strategy. The whole package was met with widespread respect and positivity, delivering the full Glowal experience across three distinct compositions. Meaningful vocals play a key role in Fabio and Alessandro’s productions, whether it’s clever storytelling or lyrics that relate to the world we’re living in. This vocal expression gives the music a deeper intention than simply moving the dancefloor.

More recently their production exploits have included a stunning link up with Adana Twins for Diynamic’s Picture series. ‘My Computer’ went straight into the the No.1 position on Beatport’s Indie Dance charts when it was released and has been a staple of Solomun sets throughout most of 2019, causing mayhem at clubs and festivals all over the world and hailed by many as one of the tracks of the year. Following that, the duo released a four-track EP on Adana Twins’ TAU label. ‘A.I. Talk’ offered further insight into the Glowal’s world views, with the title track a particularly stark and succinct commentary on human’s destruction of their own habitat, planet Earth. They have also remixed the mighty Agoria and BOg & GHEIST, producing unforgettable reinterpretations that channel their penchant for lyrical content with their innate ability to craft earworm melodies and enchanting rhythms. Their latest release is ‘Pressure’ on Innervisions’ Secret Weapons Part 12.

As DJs Glowal operate as one unit, using two pairs of headphones while selecting and playing the music together as opposed to a standard back-to-back. In working like they translate the symbiosis they experience in the studio to a live setting. For both men it’s important to work as a unified force, their ideas and creative energy merging as one to produce a scintillating performance. So far their gig schedule has included shows in London, Berlin, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Milan, Bangalore, Florence, Dubai and many other locations around the world.

It’s been a whirlwind so far, but Glowal are only just getting started. Full of energy, ideas and passion, they are driving forward with the intention to keep building on the sterling reputation they have already established. Look out for lots more goodness from Glowal as they continue to deliver their unique sound to the dancefloors of the world.

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