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Steve Darko’s new LP ‘Midnight Swim’ is now available via DIRTYBIRD. Stream and buy here.  

“This mix showcases a handful of new tracks off my album ‘Midnight Swim,’ plus some favorites from other producers that fit the vibe of the mix. I wanted to take listeners on a journey from blissful to dark and hypnotic, then back again. The balance between darkness and light was the major theme of my new album, so I wanted to reimagine that in the context of this mix. It bounces somewhere between deep house, tech house, and techno as I typically do during my DJ sets. Hope you dig it!” – Steve Darko

The time has come for DIRTYBIRD to chart a new path, and helping lead the way is Steve Darko. His debut studio album, ‘Midnight Swim,’ out now, marks a new milestone for the burgeoning producer whilst displaying his range via an eclectic series of originals and collaborations. Some notable features come from Claude VonStroke, VNSSA, and Nala.

Steve has fixed up a polished mixture of house and tech that feels fit for those early morning hours on the warehouse floor—or in this case, the kitchen or living room floor. Either way, he makes it so it’s nearly impossible to resist grooving along while also showing off a multitude of tracks from his own LP.

Build out of electronica with organic roots, in form of live instruments and vocals, this project transfers its listeners to forgotten places, to let them dream away.

1. Steve Darko & Claude VonStroke – How Many Times
2. Pezzner – Saint Andre (Ardalan Remix)
3. Gaiser – Bodylost
4. Steve Darko – Block’s Last Trip (feat. Phlegmbuoyant)
5. Steve Darko & Nik Thrine – ID
6. Cristian Merino – North Michigan
7. Steve Darko – The Only Thing
8. Steve Darko – Descending
9. Oliver Huntemann & Andre Winter – Reeperbahn
10. Sammy Legs – Weak In The Knees (feat. TCHiLT)
11. Steve Darko – Smooth Like Butter
12. Steve Darko & VNSSA – Hypnotized
13. Steve Darko – Oohs and Arps
14. Two Shell – Heart Piece

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