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EG.832 Alex Niggemann

AEON 50 is now available. Stream here and buy here

“This month we celebrate our 50th EP at AEON. To mark this milestone, we decided to do a very special collaboration release with tracks by artist-duos who are collaborating as musicians for the first time. I dedicated this mix to our 50th one, including cuts from this brand new material, tracks from the AEON family, and of course, a few of my own favorites. Enjoy!” – Alex Niggemann

The word visionary is often overused in electronic music, but for Alex Niggemann it’s the perfect description for a man who prides himself on innovation. Always looking forward and developing all facets of his career with unparalleled creativity and artistic flair, Niggemann’s Modus Operandum is to embrace the new and push boundaries of the genre he loves so much.

Having been a classically trained pianist from an early age, it was a trip to the iconic Poison Club in Dusseldorf that switched Alex onto the house and techno scene. “I’d always been interested in the music”, he says, “but hearing it in a club for the first time, and really feeling the energy and vibe – it suddenly made sense to me. I was intoxicated by the way that a DJ with four decks and vinyl could create such an atmosphere and sense of togetherness, and I knew then that this was my calling in life”.

This calling led him to begin DJing locally and soon he built his own studio and started producing music. It wasn’t long before he was regularly releasing music on established labels, with support from taste-makers around the world, but it was 2006 that was his breakthrough year, remixing Booka Shades “Darko” as his very first release.

Continually searching for a new creative outlet, it was a natural progression to launch his own label and events brand, AEON, in 2013. Since it’s conception, the label has been instrumental in the development of several, now-established artists including the likes of Denis Horvat, Speaking Minds & Biesmans to name a few.
AEON has also become globally renowned for it’s events, with Alex regularly curating sold out parties.

2018 saw AEON celebrate its 5th anniversary with an impressive tour of events and series of celebratory releases featuring many of the AEON family and some new arrivals alike which led the label to be featured as Beatport’s ‘label of the month. This anniversary was something of a watershed for the label and, always keen to keep things fresh, this was a trigger for a shift of pace stylistically for the label in to more 80s and Italo influenced Indie Dance and slow techno territory with the label releasing music from the likes of Darlyn Vlys, Benjamin Fröhlich, Rigopolar, Biesmans, Fort Romeau and Lauer over recent months.

It’s clear that Niggemann’s unquenchable thirst for new music is as voracious as ever, continually striving to take his career and AEON to new heights.

01. TBA – AEON
02. Coeo – I can never be yours – TOYTONICS
03. Vanessa Worm – Heaven to Hell (Eden Burns Remix) – Optimo
04. Penner & Muder – Heart & Sold (SIRS Remix) – Suol
05. Alex Niggemann & Speaking Minds – Disco Tedesco – AEON
06. Amarcord – Don’t Be Sad Its Over, Be Happy Cause It Happened (Alan Dixon Remix) – MeMeMe
07. Aun No – Boxes (Zombies in Miami Remix) – Fulmen
08. Plastic – We are the ones (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)
09. Front 242 – Commando (Remix) – Wax Trax
10. Panthera Krause & Peter Invasion – Fiesta Hunuku – AEON
11. Ton Globiter – Clementina – WEDIGIT
12. Daniel Monaco & Sauvage World – Teneré (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix) – Roam
13. Bawrut & Benjamin Fröhlich – Kirmes – AEON
14. Holger Zilske – ON Repeat (VRIL REMIX) – aeonic
15. All is Well – Late Night Romantics (Lauer Remix) – Permanent Vacation

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