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EG.834 Emotional Tourist

“This set represents my ode to Spring. As we are slowly blending through more sunnier and colorful days, I wanted to mix those exact feelings and capture the passage where the surrounding turns back to life” – Emotional Tourist

Emotional Tourist is a project started with hopes and dreams carefully transposed into dreamy sounds and melodics.

The project’s aim is nurtured with soulfulness and goes right to the heart, accessing the timeline of memories through music and also creating new ones. All of these projects have found their home at labels such as Shanti Moscow Radio, Kindisch, and When We Dip’s XYZ.

01. Hammock – Dark Beyond the Blue
02. Emotional Tourist – The Day The World Meets You (Intro Version)
03. Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor – Juglans
04. Marina Satti – Koupes (George X Remix)
05. Emotional Tourist – Alfama
06. Sidney Charles – Cabo (Original Mix)
07. Different Ray – Abbie’s Dream
08. Emotional Tourist – Vinyl Affair
09. MUUI – Melting Mirror
10. Lab’s Cloud – Love Test

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