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EG.841 Sailor & I

“During the past 12 months, my musical commitment has been dedicated to my second full-length that will be released in July 2021 on Metaphysical Berlin – ’Diving for Lost Treasure.’ When this process of diving for lost treasure began, little did I know that it would also result in starting a new parallel journey finding so much joy in discovering and developing new talents, which happened as a result of building a community of creative people around me during streaming on Twitch. Sometimes ‘life happens’ and it happened to me. Ahead of my new album, I’m also launching the artist-driven label Arvet Records, focusing on new, yet undiscovered talent. This podcast is dedicated to the journey of Diving for Lost Treasure and is a mix of unreleased, released, and soon-to-be-released music that in one way or another has influenced me so much that I will continue diving for lost treasure” – Sailor & I

Sailor & I is a metaphor for two wills inside a person that are fighting against one another. It is part of most peoples’ everyday lives. It’s interesting because there are times people do things they don’t want to do, but they can’t stop doing it for some reason.

01. Bad Spirit – ID – Arvet Records
02. Outis – ID – Arvet Records
03. Precursor – ID – Arvet Records
04. Nazir – ID – Arvet Records
05. Bartholomew – ID – Arvet Records
06. Sailor & I – Thinking About You (Radioslave & Thomas Gandey Remix)
07. Eduardo De la Calle – Mondo 8
08. Hannes Bieger & Sailor & I – Chemistry
09. Radio Slave – Vision
10. Infinite boys, G-Man – Machangu (Aftertouch Remix)
11. Isolee – Pisco
12. Sailor & I – Next to You (André Hommen Remix)
13. Mathame – Fade Into You
14. AndHim – German Winter
15. Sailor & I – Black Swan (Maceo Plex Remix)
16. Roman Lindau – Simplicity
17. Sabo, Ray Barretto – Tumba’o Africano (Sabo Remix)
18. Sailor & I – Rivers (Paul Woolford Remix)
19. Andre Hommen – A.R.M.C
20. Ran Salman – Vertigo
21. Dennis Ferrer – Maniac 3000
22. Legowelt – Disco Rout
23. Presia – ID –  Arvet Records

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