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“I have recently been feeling a lot of joy and excitement about the reawakening of the culture scene and especially electronic music venues. This podcast consequentially reflects this tingling in every part of the body, the urge to get back out there, dance, connect and enjoy real connections. It features released and unreleased tracks of mine as well as some upcoming music from my label Rebellion der Träumer” – Elias Doré

Originally from Berlin, Elias Doré explored many facets of music by performing in various bands and genres, from Afro-Funk in Dakar, Klezmer and Gipsy in London to Reggae and Soul in Berlin, before fully immersing himself in electronic music. What has over time stayed with him is his love for melodic warmth and organic sounds. Not confined by tempo or genre boundaries, Elias always takes his time to create a context and narrative around his music. With melodic elements at the heart of his sets, he creates an uplifiting atmosphere that aims to both inspire and touch the feelings of his audience.
Recent shows have taken him across Europe, the Middle East and the US, with appearances at Fusion and Garbicz Festival, Burning Man and more intimate Berlin festivals such as Bucht der Träumer.

01. Oliver Koletzki – Cryptozoology
02. Elias Doré, Paul Baule – Nubivagant
03. Roze – Rusty Bones (Kon Faber Remix)
04. Budakid, Jamie Stevens – Story of Tokay
05. Soul Button – Circadian Rhythm (Hraach Remix)
06. T.M.A – Hewish
07. Volen Sentir – Neunivai
08. Chicola – La Nina Del Mar
09. Elias Doré, Robin Sukroso – ID
10. CIOZ – Cosmic Noise
11. Schattenspiel – Auftritt des Peitschenanglers (Fabian Krooss Remix)

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