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“This set was recorded late at night at my place. It’s a voyage through slow burner tracks. I wanted it to feels like a melancholic hot and heavy summer night. Enjoy.” – Laurence Matte

Laurence Matte is a relatively new face in the electronic music scene in her hometown of Montreal, Canada. Her skills inspire confidence while her daring provokes a journey. It’s not just a night, it’s a shared experience. A sense of communion and connection. It’s somewhere we go together. Raised in her bohemian grandparent’s house, filled with treasures collected from world travels and vinyl from across the continents, she is truly a melting pot of influences. Harnessing this, she creates dynamic, emotional soundscapes. Her music is responsive and fluid: it moves with the feeling of the crowd. A natural autodidact and perfectionist, she is always tinkering with new formulas.

01. Interdinal Zone – OK EG
02. Roze – Traffic Birds
03. Amos – Senora –  Les Yeux Orange
04. Nandu – Forver in Our Favor
05. Climatic Variations – Cabaret du Ciel (Donato Dozzy Rework)
06. Jon Jones – Gungurru
07. Yor Kultura  – Vlucht
08. Francesco Chiocci – Nightmares
09. Jeigo – Wing Systems
10. Joy Orbison Feat Léa Sen – Better

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