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KEENE, David Mayer, Barbie Williams ‘Luna, Rojo & Palmera’ – (Anja Schneider Remix & Saint Evo Remixes) will be released on Cacao Records on October 15th, as part of Cacao Records’ 5th Anniversary.

“We wanted to celebrate our label’s 5th birthday with something that represented some of our summer memories and highlights, that even between all the uncertainty we are living at the moment, somehow felt full of light rays. It’s quite a funky mix, while also keeping an afro-caribbean touch on it. We were really excited to add some upcoming music from us, plus some tracks from very talented artists that we admire and have been honored to meet in the past months, some in person, others only virtually. Hope you enjoy it” – Keene

KEENE is the duo formed by the brothers Lloyd and Kevin Keene, who since 2010 have become a referent for house and techno music in Panama.

The KEENE sound is clearly seductive and elegant, taking elements of Deep, House and Techno genres. That unique brotherly complicity is poured into what they do, with their combined musical and technical talents eliminating their possible weaknesses. Both are perfectionists that have found their personal way of making music, a process that is an organic as it is electronic, and you just have to see the dancing throng while they dj to understand it.

Besides managing Late Night Music’s roaster of shows in Panama, KEENE moved to Berlin to focus on their production. Currently settled their studio and headquarters at the prestigious Riverside Studios in the heart of Berlin’s creative district and started a Berlin based label called Cacao Records. In 2018 they have embarked on a new club dedicated to electronic music at a basement of an old building in Panama City’s old town.

01. Carlo – Gmork
02. Matrefakt – Playo
03. The Funk District – Gogo Mama
04. KEENE – Burkina Funk
05. Joluca, Thomas Garcia – Wisdom Of Manco (Phonk D Remix)
06. Radio Mundo – Kavaka
07. Joluca – Dirty Diana
08. Perdu – Didn’t I
09. KEENE – Legendary Mother
10. KEENE, David Mayer, Barbie Williams – Luna, Rojo & Palmera (Anja Schneider Remix)
11. Elado – Blame
12. Easy To Remember – Smokey (Philou Louzolo Remix)

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