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“I just got back from the Where Are My Keys!? Detroit show where I dropped some electro, acid and techno. This time, I wanted to play more obscure and slow funkin punk funkin groovy left field all vinyl set for Electronic Groove” – Will Renuart

Will Renuart is one of those DJs that’s constantly evolving and on the lookout for fresh, new music and a renowned vinyl collector. His sets blend disco, house, electro, and techno all with playful seamlessness that enchants the dance floors around the world.

He is the mastermind behind Miami’s Electric Pickle Company established in 2008, Miami’s premier boutique music venue which became an institution in North America’s underground music scene. Among its accolades, Electric Pickle was also named the best club in the US by Rolling Stone.

Will’s approach to club operations has been hands-on, strategically evolving the venue’s platform of sound, while building strong, lasting and direct relationships with premiere international music talent. Being one of the main resident DJs at the club for 10 years, Will has played with world-class talents including; Moodymann, Derrick Carter, Seth Troxler, Mark Farina, DJ Harvey, and the list goes on. Always on the pulse of ground-breaking talent, he has a keen eye for curating stages for Where Are My Keys as well as Rakastella.

Within a year from the heartbreaking closure of Pickle after its astounding 10-year run and becoming a cultural institute in Miami, Will has recently opened ATV Records which he calls Pickle 2.0. ATV (Addicted to Vinyl) operates as both a venue as well as a record label.

With his unique record bag in town, Will is about to embark on a tour both nationwide and internationally. This highly passionate, gregarious, and talented artist is set to make big waves wherever he goes.

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