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EG.861 Jos & Eli

“Were really excited about this mix, as it encompasses a lot of the music we have been playing recently and we always enjoy listening to EG mixes in the studio” – Jos & Eli

Yosi Seluk and Eli Abutbul aka Jos and Eli, have taken it upon themselves to transport their listeners into an elevated state of mind. With their heavenly emotional sounds, combined with the alarming come ups and hard kicks from their upbringing in Israel, these two have found a unique spot among the top artists of the melodic techno scene. Let your mind flow into a new horizon, and allow your body to melt into happiness.

01. Jos & Eli – SOS
02. Sam ShuTurbulence
04. Jäger feat. Josh Knowles – Into Your Eyes (Maxim Lany Remix)
05. Legroni – Frozen
06. 02 Yannek Maunz feat. Johanson – The Fall (Fur Coat Remix)
07. Thirsty Eyes – Heyoka (Sasha Carassi Remix)
08. Jos & Eli – Escape Earth (Original Mix)
09. Thirsty Eyes – Fellini (Original Mix) – ! Records.
10. Yotto – I Want You (Jos & Eli Remix)

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