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EG.875 Öona Dahl

“While embracing Januarys cold and gloomy weather along with everything else I’m feeling in this current state, I let my records speak for me” – Öona Dahl

As a young girl in upstate New York, Öona Dahl was fascinated with music and loved listening to old cassette tapes in her living room. This passion quickly evolved and before long she began making musical sketches in Acid Pro and Fruity Loops.

Wanting to experience electronic music on the dance floor, many excursions into the Toronto rave scene were made. Inspired by the DJ’s around her, she bought a pair of turntables and set about learning to mix records. Soon she was playing clubs, raves and warehouses at the age of 17. These formative years crystallized Öona’s love of underground dance music.

Öona moved to Florida in the early ’00s to spend her college years studying sound design and digital media as she immersed herself into the Florida underground. Bouncing between events in Orlando, Miami and Tampa she became a fixture in the scene and eventually met DJ Three and DJ Monk from Hallucination Recordings, forming a close bond which continues to this day.

By 2012, Öona’s music was getting into the hands of DJ’s and making waves on dance floors which would lead to her Let The Light In EP being released on Lee Burridge’s label All Day I Dream.  Regular DJ bookings at the party series of the same name soon followed with Öona often being entrusted to play the closing set. She would go on to further explore this sound with two EP’s for Anjunadeep in 2018 and 2019.

Meanwhile, Öona was developing another side of her music that was both more experimental and song-based than her initial dance floor offerings. Exploring early influences like the ambient stylings of This Mortal Coil, Bjork’s electronica and Brian Eno’s soundscapes, Öona’s efforts caught the ear of DJ Three and before long she was signed to an album deal with Hallucienda.  In 2017, the five-track Wait. lifted EP (including a music video for the title track) acted as a musical signpost threading the needle through leftfield house, electronica, and pop-infused ambience. Her debut artist album Holograma soon followed revealing a full body of work by an artist who had now found both her feet and, her voice across the full spectrum of electronic music.

Moving into 2020, Öona Dahl has delivered a rush of new sounds as she completes her next album. Her first collaboration with Kirsty Hawkshaw (the voice of iconic rave act Opus III) entitled ‘Love Is All We Need’ has been released to both critical acclaim and dance floor cheers. Their original version is a glowing slice of electronica whilst Oona’s remix coyly hints at the past while looking towards the future.  Kirsty’s signature vocals deliver the message creating a mood as pensive as it is uplifting.

Öona Dahl’s drive and artistic vision continues to elevate her work beyond the dance floor as a music producer, sound designer, vocalist, visual artist, and musical director.

01. Davidovitch – My Midnight Dark Sequence
02. ID (Hallucienda / Unreleased)
03. Anna Nova – Imagine (Mathew Jonson Remix)
04. Öona Dahl – Reverie
05. Matthias Meyer – The Choir
06. Beautiful Confusion – Heartbeat (Randall Jones Remix) (Hallucienda / Unreleased)
07. Beautiful Confusion – Heartbeat (Original Mix) (Hallucienda / Unreleased)
08. Adam Pits – Azure Crest
09. Sansibar – Force Of Equilibrium
10. Pure Science, Sci-Phi – Human Spirit
11. John Talabot – Matilda’s Dream (Jacques Renault Remix)
12. Second Hand Satellites – Orbit 1.3 (Hallucienda)
13. JP – Orchid

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