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Space Jams – Backend (The Martinez Brothers vs. Cuartero Edit) is now available. Grab your copy here

“In this 60-minute mix, I explore my minimal facet. I mainly used vinyl, new edits of classics done by me, as well as my latest productions”Cuartero

When work and perseverance join in something as sublime as the love of music, it born the perfect ‘equalization’ to the emergence of new talents who are called to succeed.

Cuartero was born just over two decades ago in Malaga, and although did not live in the pure analog era, he was familiar with the essence of the old school, which influence him later to define his own style.

His concern about investigating new sounds, textures, structures… It has the reason why his productions become to be recognized from the first beats when they are mixed it. Also, with his last reference in Hot Creations, he has scored a ‘hat trick’ of top labels releases in less than 6 months (Moon Harbour, Desolat, Hot Creations).

In 2011 he founded his own brand, Sanity, with the idea of prioritizing the essence of music over the appearance of top artists’ names. He has published about a hundred references and organized showcases around the globe, combining the trades of label and promoter.

With only 15 years he started to produce and it was in 2012 when all the work began to bear fruit: the abundance of gigs in different countries in Europe and America, numerous top on Beatport, the Amnesia’s closing b2b with Hector Couto, his residence at Hyte (Amnesia), the appearance in the documentary ‘Monday’ or the nomination for the Vicious Awards in 2014.

His fondness for the touch of vinyl can clearly be sensed in his setup, as it often makes regular use of timecode. His sets are characterized by an energic groove and bass combining rhythms of house, tech house, acid and funky, and increasingly is becoming more common to listen to different samples such as hip hop vocals.

Although he’s been to see how his objectives have been fulfilled gradually, Cuartero has not been closed to new ideas. Proof of this is the animation’s video for his track ‘Bring Back’, released at Knee deep in Sound.

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