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EG.884 Marvin & Guy

“In this mix we wanted to play our most personal interpretation of how music can go from house to progressive techno in a single DJ set, selecting tracks both from the 90s and recent days. We thought was important for us to showcase also this side of our musical path, which is slightly different from the indie dance and disco scene we contributed to create throughout our career first years. This came up while preparing music for our most recent Mexico Tour, a country where we know the crowd often likes more aggressive sounds!” – Marvin & Guy

Marvin & Guy have an undefinable, utterly distinctive touch, one that has carried them through their native Italy and up among the stars, transforming the duo into the orchestrators of countless transcendent moments in dance culture.

Originally beginning as an anonymous disco edit project between two friends, their musical universe has since expanded outwards, including releases on definitive labels such as Life and Death, Permanent Vacation, Correspondant and Hivern Discs.

Engineering a cosmic bridge between the heritage of disco and Italo towards contemporary techno, each Marvin & Guy production, remix or DJ set shoots for the moon with pure, unadulterated musical pleasure. Self-defined ‘space cowboys’, Marvin & Guy’s disparate influences have lead them to an instantaneous, familiar groove.

But make no mistake, their club music is no lifestyle-house aesthetic. Instead, their diverse productions strike a delightful balance between retro pleasures and timeless sounds alike, rich in personality and ideas. Their remixes for like-minded allies such as Simple Symmetry, Cowboy Rhythmbox and Kasper Bjørke, as well as for more unlikely acts such as Whomadewho and Suuns, embody a similar, timeless philosophy, one that has seen them delve further underground with remixes for trendsetting labels such as Mule Musiq and Mannequin.

As Marvin & Guy continue to earn greater acclaim and as more partygoers fall under their spell, Alessandro Parlatore and Marcello Giordani continue to dig, to create, and to induce spine-tingling moments of musical joy. Wherever they go, they’ll take you on a ride. You’ll have to leave a few things behind…

01. Bawrut – Mas Profundo
02. Alex Burkat – Venom
03. Kito Jempere – A King Of Comets (Samo DJ Remix)
04. Visnadi – Hunt’s Up
05. Bazz – Screen Vision (Slam Mix)
06. Sandy B – Amajovi (Lion’s Drum Edit)
07. Off The Meds – Hiccups (Roman Flügel Elektro House Mix)
08. Chaos Milieu – Exit Exit
09. Rejuvination – IBO
10. Clint – Alpine Breaks (Alex Kassian Remix)
11. 9th House & Durante – Shimmer
12. Dj Nori – 80’s Drugs
13. Sigma Tibet – Mantis Religiosa
14. Wolfram – Thing Called Love (Legowelt Dub Wolf Edit)
15. Comets – Remember The Future
16. Planningtorock – Her Heart Is My Home Now (The Magician Extended Remix)

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