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EG.923 A Guy Called Gerald (P4P Edition)

This mix was Recorded at Talca Studio during the Patagonica Vol 14 Tour in Chile, South America organized by Parties4Peace.

Parties4Peace (P4P) is a non-profit event production and fundraising organization that hosts music and art events to support various global initiatives focused on education, sustainability, equality, and disaster relief. P4P unites people to create a culture of peace through dance and music, emphasizing collaborations with those who seek the platform to make a difference.

A Guy Called Gerald recorded this unique mix for Parties4Peace as part of our Patagonica Tour in Chile presented by Electronic Groove. On this annual tour, Parties4Peace travels throughout the country of Chile to raise awareness and support for environmental sustainability through music and art. This year’s showcase includes Dramian from MUTEK Mexico, Pier Bucci, and A Guy Called Gerald as a special collaboration tour in 2023.

An iconic name in dance music, A Guy Called Gerald stands out for consistent innovation and excellence in his music. Gerald started Europe’s acid house movement with his ’88 classic ‘Voodoo Ray’ and ‘Pacific State’ (as a founding member of 808 State) and went on to lay down the blueprint for jungle/drum n’ bass. Eleven albums and 30 years of independence later, he continues to push the boundaries of electronic dance music touring worldwide bringing his “true school” flavor to the world. Responsible for the birth of British dance music as we know it today, A Guy Called Gerald continues to explore what is possible both in the studio and in the club with his “Live in Session” performances.

Parties4Peace and EG would like to thank A Guy Called Gerald and all of the artists who contributed their time and talent to promote a culture of peace and sustainability through music and art.

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