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“Welcome to my world where dark meets sexy. This mix includes a bunch of exclusive music of mine and from my label coming up in 2023. Hope you enjoy.” – UNDERHER

UNDERHER is an electronica/melancholic act created by Kalden Bess. Now among the most successful Tunisian and Canadian electronic acts over the last couple of years. Having released with artists such as Moby, Books Shade, U2, Maya Jane Coles, and many others. The sound that defines UNDERHER, a mixture of sensuality, melancholia, and sorrow has easily reached and touched many types of public. Supporting live bands such as has SOHN, HVOB, and Haelos.

This passion for making music not only made for the dance floor but saw fruits when Netflix started to pick up the music. Now with over 7 tracks on 6 different TV Shows. Khaled Bess is creating a new path for himself in the Hollywood world.

2020 is looking beautiful and full of surprises for Khaled Bess (aka UNDERHER) with his first release of the year on Solomun label ‘2DIY4’, the release of his first official LP on underheryourskin with massive remixes, and tons of singles, eps on amazing labels and upcoming worldwide Tour.

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