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OLING is back on Vivrant with new music. He celebrates his oven-fresh release ’Sizo’ with an exclusive mix for Electronic Groove. The young Swede first entered the stage in 2021 with his debut ‘Aves’ EP and has gone from clarity to clarity since then. ’Sizo’ is an emotional piece of art. Its frugal yet powerful chords and ever-evolving rhythms have left the crowds with chills since OLING first tried it out last year. Stream ’Sizo’ on Spotify. 

First entering the electronic scene in 2021 with his debut release ‘Aves’ on Jeremy Olander’s Vivrant imprint, OLING has gone from clarity to clarity. His rhythmic and progressive sound of house and techno is heavily influenced by his youth, as a talented drummer. A year after the release of the evergreen ‘Aves’ EP, OLING played Village Underground in London, Cairo Jazz Club 610 in Cairo, and did a stream for DJ MAG containing exclusively original material from the young Swede.

Born and raised in Rättvik, Sweden, melodies from In Flames, and James Brown scored OLING’s childhood growing up in the small village. Fast forward 15 years to when OLING traveled to Stockholm each and every weekend to explore electronic events held by Swedish pioneers such as Eric Prydz, Jeremy Olander, and Studio Barnhus at famous clubs in the likes of Berns, Ambassadeur, and F12 among others. The energy caught OLING on the spot and later became the fundamental backbone of his core sound.

01. OLING – Sizo
02. OLING – ID
03. Alex Tomb – Paludose Canter
04. Alex Tomb – ID
05. OLING – ID
06. OLING – ID
07. OLING – Aves
08. Jeremy Olander – ID
09. OLING – ID

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