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EG.947 Eli Iwasa

“This mix showcases some of the most exciting upcoming Brazilian, talent and also a few of my favorite tracks from the past months, including my collab with ID ID. ” – Eli Iwasa

DJs manipulate time at will. They create magical moments to extend them through the malleability the rhythms provide and fixate them through the immutability emotions confer. But the real talent in this craft is revealed when they do it all in a surreptitious manner while connecting us to the music in infinite and unforgettable ways.

The arcanes of this chrono-alchemy are something Eli Iwasa knows very well, as very few do. Be it either for the tenacity acquired in a trajectory that placed her in virtually every position that makes it possible or for the sensibility attuned throughout a life devoted to its realization; inside or outside of every booth of every single location from where she devoted her love to all these sounds that moves us all into the night.

A path that crosses many activities (producer, promoter, club owner, booker… you name it) over a few decades and many of the happenings and events that comprise the beautiful mosaic of electronic music’s history in Brazil. But at the dancefloors, her ability to enfold us in every wrinkle of these flexible temporalities becomes tangible.

Here everything is materialized in sets of varied velocities and crystallized in nights of diverse intensities, which allows her to accomplish exploits alike in distinctive spaces, at festivals such as Time Warp, DGTL, Rock In Rio, ADE, Tribaltech, Warung Day Festival, or indie parties of the likes of Gop Tun, Troop, 101Ø and Photon; but also enables her to realize different feats in similar occasions, ranging from her residency at her own beloved Caos, go through the endless nights at Club Vibe and all the way to some off mots legendary dancing venues the country has to offer, among them Warung, Beehive, and Terraza. Nevertheless, the element that connects all those circumstances, making them uniquely special is the energy therein generated between the artist and the public.

Such a connection is the real propeller of each of Eli’s adventures not only across Brazil but also around the vicinity, taking her to Baum Festival in Bogotá, Resistance Bolivia in La Paz, Zef in Buenos Aires, and the Warung Tour in Asunción and Punta del Leste; as well as the globe, counting stops at Life & Death’s ADE event, Berlin’s Watergate, Pacha in Barcelona and the bastion that is Paris’ Rex Club.

However, regardless of places and spaces, one thing remains always clear and is the element that impels her to go to such great lengths through many time zones: her unflinching, relentless will to share with everyone everything she can create and transform.

Riascode – Ceaseless
Nandu – Helpless
Tiello & Ccinni – Why Does It Always Have To Be This Way
Fuscarini, Curol, Tolex – Ludbrium
Ruskar – Desert Storm
Tamada – Shara (Trikk Selva Kartuli vocal)
Tripolism – Magnetic (feat. Theo Curtis Kissi)
Lennart – Tom’s Mini
Antoni Maiovi – Streamertail
Duncan Forbes – Santa Cruz Rollercoaster (Dmx Krew Remix)
Marcia Vieira – Photon Emission (Vasconcellos Remix)
Reznik & Good Guy Mikesh – Read The Room
Alan Dixon – Kingsland Road 2am
Eli Iwasa,  ID ID – Unreleased

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