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EG.949 Sarah Wild

Sarah Wild’s new track ‘Hit The Road’ alongside Maltitz will be out July 28th via Midnight Operators. Grab your copy here

“This mix is a fuse between house and indie dance, sometimes dreamy, sometimes a bit weird. Perfectly fitting to these early summer days. <3 ” – Sarah Wild

Once an infamous host for underground raves in Berlin, Sarah Wild is now a DJ and producer from Berlin. Her energetic sets oscillate between acid basslines and piano elements. Sarah has already released on Permanent Vacations, Feines Tier and her own label Midnight Operators.

When she was a girl her father took her on tour with his surf-rock band. She grew up hanging out in backstages of clubs and venues all around Europe. Not only through this first touring experience Sarah was always surrounded by music. She learned saxophone and piano supported by her grandmother who is also a singing teacher. All her youth Sarah played in bands and was part of several jazz projects. Also her passion for electronic dance music developed at this time. Sarah was born and raised in Jena, a former east-German city who became popular for its delicate scene of electronic music. She quickly became part of it as a dancer and also started her first little projects as an artist. Sarah Wild started her solo project in 2016 and has been touring in Europe, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala and the USA.

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