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EG.954 Swann Decamme B2B Owlïsh

Swann Decamme B2B Owlïsh was recorded live at L’Amour à la plage Festival, Martinique Island on 27/05/2023

Swann Decamme is a French DJ, producer, and entrepreneur, founder of the Parisian label Curiosity Music. His unique style, navigating between deep, tech house, and minimal, has allowed him to make a name for himself in the electronic music industry. Swann is also a passionate globetrotter who has played in clubs and festivals around the world, including Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. In addition to his musical career, Swann is the artistic director of L’Amour à la plage, a popular festival held in Martinique that combines music, arts, and gastronomy. With Marcan Liav, he has launched a new concept of events, Enigma, which goes back to the essence of dance music, offering an experience without cell phones, to focus on music and dance

Like an owl, OwLïsH loves night, darkness and the sounds that go with it, even if his musical universe also extends to the more solar atmospheres of Indie Dance, Melodic Techno and Afro-House. Behind his turntables, this 35-year-old Frenchie raised in Paris feels better than anywhere else. He never stops exchanging energy with his audience. So are those who burned their soles on the dancefloors for a long time before taking power in the booth. On Saint Martin Island, his paradise, promoters are snapping up the services of the former show-jumping rider, chartered accountant, and fast-food manager, who lived a thousand lives before becoming a DJ. His popularity raised so much that his name now appears on the timetable of the SXM Festival, the event at the very origin of his mad passion for electronic music. If the Caribbean beaches remain his favorite playgrounds, OwLïsH, aims to spread his inner fire in America and Europe, looking for new audiences and strong sensations. From there to produce his own tracks, there is only one step… that he will take!

Since 2022 he is resident on the festival L’amour à la plage in Martinique. Hosted by Swann Decamme this event bring artist from all over the world.

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