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EG.957 Capej

“This mix is a deep dive into house, minimal, techno & trance with 7 new Capej tracks and IDs.
The newest being “U Know What?” and “Age of Trance” from Capej, he merges his favorite sounds with other IDs from up-and-coming producers from Europe and beyond. Other tracks from Capej can be heard throughout the mix like ‘The Feeling is Gone’ which draws a nostalgic 80s foray into a house ensemble of delectable grooves.

Expanding his sound into the trance realm finally; the mix takes us up to 136bpm for those uplifting ending melodies, but before gracefully adding new never-before-heard edits from yesteryear commented with MPC sampling on-the-fly, and some nice vintage vinyl trance tracks from the ’90s. This is a powerful mix of divergence in soundscape across the beginnings of the trance genre from the early 90s. Expect more trance & house from Capej, as he explores his two favorite genres further into 2024” – Capej

Unleashing a symphony of mesmerizing beats, Capej weaves together an enchanting tapestry of trance, house, techno, minimal and delectable rhythms. Fuelled by his tribal understanding of our ancient civilizations and nurtured on the ethereal melodies of trance, he stands unwavering at the forefront of musical euphoria.

Master of celestial beats, Capej spins utopian soundscapes as we embark on a cosmic journey through the pulsating rhythms that bridge galaxies. Making waves in the cosmic realm, he channels his tribal roots to transcend realities and transport us to ethereal realms of transcendent bliss.

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