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EG.959 atish (ADE Special)

atish will be playing back-to-back with Mark Slee at Electronic Groove, Listed, and Manjumasi’s ADE Week 2023 Fundraiser alongside Danny Howells, Maxi Meraki, Saqib, Ivan Sandhas, Arianna Danae, and Rivellino. For more info click here.¬†

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since my last studio mix. During this time, my attention has been divided between music production and fatherhood. As a result, the only mixes I’ve recently released have been live recordings from my gigs. This shift in focus has inspired me to create a mix that veers away from the music I typically play at clubs towards music that makes more sense for home listening: a bit more cerebral and a little less conventional. It was a pleasure to put this together, and thanks Electronic Groove for inviting me!” – atish

atish plays from the soul with a smile on his face. His charm flows as freely as his grooves, and his infectious personality is poured into every performance. The links he makes are not just musical but personal, too, as he communicates the highs and lows of life through his sounds. As an unmistakably warm person, he has quickly built up a dedicated fan base that feeds off his passion and energy. The Atish experience is about more than just dancing – it’s about connection.

There is an intimacy and elegance to the music Atish plays whether it’s deep house, Romanian minimal, artful techno, or emotive progressive house. Melody unites it all – whimsical keys and curious synth patterns that stir a wide range of emotions and get lodged deep in the memory. For Atish, the challenge is to lead an audience into unexpected new worlds: they won’t know how they got there but will be delighted when they arrive. It’s a subtle skill he has mastered
while never taking himself too seriously.

His own productions have come on cultured labels like Anjunadeep, Satya, and Stil Vor Talent. The Manjumasi Music label he co-founded with Mark Slee in 2016 deals in house with real heart and musicality. The aim is simply to work with artists whose music they admire; to give a leg up to those who deserve it, then watch them grow, whether with his label or elsewhere.

He is similarly open-minded and candid on social media and recently wrote some software to analyze a year’s worth of playlists before discussing the results. He’s also keen to demystify the often shadowy and secretive world of DJing and production and open it up to all, which is why he started his own unique party series, Late Night Tonite. Each event started with a sit-down interview with the guest and a conversation about the creative arts before the dancing began.
That now dormant concept led atish to start his own mentorship program during the Covid lockdowns. He continues it to this day, with students enjoying one-on-one coaching, feedback, and advice sessions in which he shares what he has learned about all aspects of the industry.

In truth, this career chose him rather than the other way around: as a long-time and obsessive music collector, he was happy enough to play on the side around his software engineering day job. But he was making such a mark on the parties he played that word got out and the bookings kept on coming. He decided to throw himself into music rather than live to regret the missed opportunity and hasn’t looked back since.

Atish has forged his own path and proven that DJs need not hide behind the music. Instead, Atish is right there to share the moments with you.

01. Bonilla – You Make Me – Whoyostro
02. YokoO – When I Wake Next To You – Satya
03. Zone+ – Xpander – Uzvar
04. Vern – Liman (Silat Beksi Remix) – Lokomotiv
05. Private Press – TH3000 – Sungate Records
06. Ryan Crosson, Cali Lanauze – Call Me When You Want (RC Get Higher Mix) – Opulence
07. Noah Skelton – Christopher Ledger Remix – Mayak Records
08. Aili – Toki Doki (Stones Taro Remix) – Eskimo
09. Anz – Clearly Rushing – Hessle
10. Moy Santana – Dafne (Arkajo Remix) – Sungate
11. Tom VR – VCF Freq – Integrated
12. Lawrence – Bonfire – Giegling
13. Dorisburg РLemuria  РAniara Recordings

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