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EG.961 Osunlade (Halloween Special)

“My mix for EG is one of calm, soulful, and ethereal vibes… as I’ve been traveling mostly islands the past few months it’s that expression of easy living and simply good vibes .. especially with the collimate of the world I wanted to give some relief of all the pressure we’re facing today” -Osunlade

Osunlade, a gifted musician and producer, weaves a unique musical tapestry that blends deep house, ancestral Yoruba rhythms, and soul, all while embracing spirituality and wisdom. Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, he discovered his passion for music at seven when he began playing the piano. By his teenage years, he was self-taught in multiple instruments and music production.

In 1987, Osunlade ventured to Hollywood, gaining the attention of Toni ‘Mickey’ Basil and working on projects like ‘Sesame Street.’ While producing for various artists, his success made him feel disconnected from his music. In the early 1990s, he took a step back to embark on a personal spiritual journey, studying Ifa and founding Yoruba Records.

Yoruba Records swiftly rose to prominence for its uplifting and spiritually resonant music. Osunlade’s signature blend of deep house and Yoruba rhythms earned him acclaim, most notably with his 2001 debut album, ‘Paradigm.’

For over two decades, Osunlade has inspired global audiences with his music. Here, we present a unique mix as he recorded EG’s Halloween special. Enjoy

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