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EG.963 Tom Zeta

Pre-order Tom Zeta’s ‘Kimi Kimono’ to be out November 24th via his own imprint Zeta Flavour. 

“Embark on a groovy and energetic journey through the latest electronic sounds. At its core is the much-anticipated upcoming release, ‘Kimi Kimono,’ a track that adds an extra layer of excitement to the mix. This mix is a fusion of fresh beats, creating a dancefloor experience that’s both invigorating and cutting-edge. Get ready for a pulsating and electrifying ride from start to finish” – Tom Zeta

Tom Zeta is the most exciting Dutch artist on the rise, pioneering his genre-bending blend of happy-uplifting house and techno. You’ve most likely already danced to his music, continuously supported by Solomun; the first to discover the star and play out his new music. Shortly after, Tom signed his Cargo EP to Diynamic; earning Zeta support from the likes of Camel Phat, Joris Voorn, and Pete Tong.

The Diynamic, Mobilee & Monaberry roster star started his career as a drummer. Zeta picked up the drumsticks at the tender age of 9, playing different genres of music as a member of several bands growing up. At 15 he started experimenting on his computer, diving head-first into electronic music.

Taking great pleasure in composing and producing music, Tom decided to take it to the next level, undertaking a bachelor’s in composition and music technology at the highly acclaimed HKU in Utrecht. Here he explored and discovered fantastic ways of making new music.

Meanwhile, his love for drumming evolved into a love for synthesizers and analog gear. High-energy, melodic, and percussion fragments characterize Tom’s tracks. He’s constantly searching for new eccentric, electrifying sounds to incorporate into his music and DJ performances.

The future is looking bright for Tom Zeta, the DJ & producer from Rotterdam.

01. Kashovski ― Pump (Original Mix)
02. David Hopperman – Mire (Diamond Dealer Remix)
03. Tom Zeta – Kimi Kimono (Extended Version)
04. Pharcyde – Runnin (Loulou Players Extended Edit)
05. Tom Zeta – Hon Hon Hon
06. Aiwaska – Pipe (Original Mix)
07. CIOZ – Powa [Monaberry]
08. Ryan Arnold – Djembe (Extended Mix)
09. Tom Zeta – Let Me Tell You What (Extended Version)
10. Adam Ten – 15 Days (Raz Alon Remix)
11. Tom Zeta – Tundra (Original Mix)
12. RADON – Worth It (Original Mix)
13. Cafius – Vertigo

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