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EG.965 Jullian Gomes

“This mix reflects various moods and sounds that have resonated with me throughout the year. I’ve incorporated tracks from my latest album ‘Bruno & The Birds,’ now accessible worldwide on your preferred music platform and also available on vinyl. Thank you for checking out the mix. Much love.” – Jullian Gomes

‘Bruno & The Birds’ by Jullian Gomes is out. Listen and get your copy here.

Jullian Gomes, a South African native, immersed himself in the diverse sounds of Soul, Latin, and Kwaito during his formative years, discovering the enchantment of House Music at the tender age of eight.

Since his inaugural gig in 2003, Gomes’s career has seen an unwavering ascent, marked by a fervent passion for production and a continual evolution of his musical skills. In 2010, he expanded his horizons beyond his homeland to participate in the esteemed Red Bull Music Academy.

At 23, Jullian achieved his first South African Music Award Nomination for his contribution to G.Family’s album “Break the Silence.” Taking a hiatus from the G.Family collective in 2012, he released his solo debut single “Love Song 28” (Ft. Bobby), earning recognition with a Metro FM Award for the accompanying video in early 2013.

The pivotal year of 2016 witnessed the release of his debut album, “Late Dreamer,” a meticulously curated collection that earned him accolades, including “Best Dance Album” and “House Record Of The Year” at the Dance Music Awards South Africa 2017 for the track “1000 Memories” (Feat. Sio).

Jullian Gomes’s latest offering, “Bruno & The Birds,” delves into internal struggles and the courage required for personal growth. Through innovative production and introspective messages, the album explores universal themes, using the character Bruno as a metaphor for inner battles. Collaborations with artists like Jordan Arts, Sio, Kuniyuki Takahashi, and others add unique dimensions to this transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.

Gomes has grown as a musician since his early discovery of house music and has become a prominent figure in the industry. His solo career, marked by milestones like “Love Song 28” and acclaimed albums such as “Late Dreamer” and “Bruno & The Birds,” exemplifies his commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic soul and jazz within the realm of house music. Jullian Gomes is not just a DJ and producer but a dedicated music enthusiast continually expanding his horizons and seeking new avenues for musical expression.

01. Casiotone 401 (Dave DK Edit) – Aaron Ahrends
02. Jullian Gomes – uHambo
03. Use Me (Original Mix) – ALADAG
04. All In Words (Echnomist Remix) – RY X
05. Does It Matter (Ajna (BE) Remix) – Ajna (BE), Samm (BE)
06. Hit Me Up (Original Mix) – Klement Bonelli, Manoo, Rick Purdy
07. Renegade (Adam Ten & Mita Gami Remix) – Nicolas Masseyeff, Parallelle
08. YAP (Extended Version) – Kollektiv Turmstrasse
09. Me Monkey (Mi Manchi) – CIOZ
10. Mundos Diferentes (Amentia Remix) – Elias Dore, Raya Amello
11. Kukaya feat. Ashimba (Fka Mash Remix) – CLARAA, Ashimba
12. Jullian Gomes & Jordan Arts – Home

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