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EG.971 Maga

“I am happy to share with you the set I have curated for Electronic Groove. This one-hour journey is dedicated to taking listeners on a melodic journey, where every composition blends seamlessly into the next. As a DJ, my focus has always been on creating sets that evoke emotions and engage the audience in an easy listening experience, rather than a purely club-oriented vibe on a podcast” – Maga

Maga is a music producer & DJ born in Nice, France. Having now relocated to the city of Lisbon, where he has opened up a brand new studio at Som de Lisboa, Maga’s career actually began in Cape Town, where at first he was on the other side of the DJ booth, as owner a nightclub for few years.

After being so close to music on a daily basis, Maga began to realize how much the music touched him and that there must be more to this than simply an emotion. He rapidly took several residencies around the world, at iconic venues including Scorpios, Blue Marlin and El Chiringuito and during this time he dedicated his efforts into finding his own true sounds and developing his print works. He first single release “Destinesia” came on the infamous Mexican label Akumandra. Soon enough, Maga was working on polishing and designing a stronger production which lead him to release his first EP in the same year, “Regata” on the French label Voyeur Music

Following these early releases, Maga took his first adventure to Burning Man where his career took a massive turn and he was placed firmly on the map. Since then, he hasn’t stopped travelling the globe to seduce new crowds and spread his love of music.

In 2020, Maga decided to give back to the community by creating a foundation called “Children Of The Future” which continues to support an orphanage of 60 children in Mexico City. He started this fundraiser to help kids in one of the poorest areas of Mexico City and to give them a shouting chance at life. From this, a non-profit foundation music label was born and the very first VA Compilation came out including tracks from 47 artists from around the world.

To this day, Maga continues to surprise audiences around the world with his new projects and productions. His debut album “Resona” was released in early 2022, a composition of 7 tracks that surround a jazz base with influence and live instrumentation from Central and Latin America. He also released productions on Audiofly’s label, Flying Circus, and Anja Schneider’s Sous Music.

In April 2022, Maga launched his very own label and artist collective, SCENARIOS, alongside with Emanuel Satie, Tim Engelhardt, and Sean Doron. Over the past eighteen months, SCENARIOS has dropped an impressive catalogue of chart-topping label releases and has produced successful showcase events in Los Angeles, Lisbon, Tulum, Toronto, Warung Beach Club and Tel Aviv.

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