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“This mix is about my absolute favorites at the moment and a collection of amazing new sounds I got from my favorite producers and artists. I created this mix while traveling in Brazil, surrounded by a lot of sun and great shows at Warung and Vibe. Hope you like it and looking forward to Springtime, like I do” – EINMUSIK

Berlin-based musician and label head Einmusik is highly acclaimed for his Melodic House & Techno representation. With a musical cosmos spanning esteemed imprints such as Stl Vor Talent, Diynamic, Katermukke, Suara, and Bedrock, Einmusik’s boundless creativity extends to producing under multiple monikers, including his real name (Samuel Kindermann) and pseudonyms Resil, Ophir Project, and Seriously Tight.

Born in the late 70s, Einmusik absorbed the sounds of Depeche Mode, Visage, and Kraftwerk, gravitating towards their melodic and experimental worth. These influences, coupled with Drum and Bass and emotive techno material, formed the muse for his debut 3-tracker, ‘Weekender’ (2003, via Italic). By 2004, Kindermann had mastered his core aesthetic as a producer, entering the German Dance Charts with his single ‘Jitery Heritage,’ paving the way for future partnerships with labels like Liebe Detail, Bouq, and Noir Music.

Curating his all-important debut solo album “de, Medici” in 2007, which included standout cuts from his back catalog, Einmusik presented an authentic sonic palette founded on rapturous melodies and eccentric synth-work. Contributing further to the genre’s progression, Kindermann launched Einmusika Recordings two short years later, a label that has since operated with flourishing success. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018, Einmusika’s showcases enjoyed sold-out editions and festival inclusions from New York to Asia and everywhere in between.

In 2014, Kindermann announced the release of his fourth studio album “5 A.M”; an 11-tracker that journeyed through various musical references, presenting a new dimension of scope for his compositions. Towards the end of the same year, Einmusik’s “Floating Orbits” was cherry-picked to form part of Trndmsk’s VA compilation – “A Collection Of Unreleased Pearls.” Released in 2015, “I.D.C” served as his follow-up long-player, containing a series of charted releases on leading imprints like Katermukke, Suara, and Bedrock; the included “Sleep Talk” being voted Billboard’s 10th Best Dance Track of the year. Split into two movements, his succeeding LP “Serenade,” provided fans with a very different listening experience, championing cosmic synths and measured percussive taking focus.

Voted one of the Best Live Acts by FAZE Magazin readers, Einmusik has been a staple act for major music events like Nature One, Airbeat One, and Ruhr In Love. More recently, he has been tapped for his richly immersive live performances at international events such as Coachella, SonneMondSterne Festival, Fusion Festival, Echelon, Sandbox Festival (Cairo), and Electronica Festival (Istanbul). However, his 2019 Cercle live stream alongside Jonas Saalbach stands out as a career highlight, filmed along the cliffs of Preikestolen Rock in Norway, gaining over 11 million views.

With a halt on live events worldwide, Einmusik sought to help the next generation of rising artists, serving as a mentor while teaching his craft to global producers. Branded a specialist in audio hardware and audio engineering, Kindermann utilized the platform Patreon, providing track consultation, Q&As, Tips & Tricks on Mixing, and monthly livestreams.

Looking ahead to 2023, Einmusik will celebrate his “20 Years On-stage” anniversary with a worldwide tour of the same name. A unique live performance setup is being created especially for the purpose, as well as a brand-new light show and some other unexpected features yet to be announced.

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