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EG.983 Adam Sellouk

“This mix is meant for the dance floor and will keep you grooving throughout. It’s got lots of IDs so stay tuned” – Adam Sellout

Adam Sellouk is a rising star in the electronic music scene, known for his captivating blend of melodic/progressive techno and house.

His latest works, ‘Exodus’ released on Afterlife together with Anyma, and a remix of Anyma’s ‘Syren’ have earned significant support, showcasing his creative vision and drawing attention from fans and industry professionals.

As a sought-after DJ, Adam has performed at top venues worldwide, including Afterlife Miami, Ushuaia Ibiza, Zamna Festival Tulum, and Ame Club Brazil.

Supported by acts like Tale Of Us and Artbat, Adam connects with diverse audiences and earns peer respect.

With his distinctive sound and dedication, Adam Sellouk continues to leave his mark on the dance music scene, captivating listeners and promising an exciting future.

01. Adam Sellouk & Konstantin Sibold – The Dusk
02. Glowal – What Da F**k You Want
03. Anyma & Rebuke – Syren (Adam Sellouk Remix)
04. ID
05. Maxim Lany – Gravity (Adam Sellouk Remix)
06. Tiga – Louder Than A Bomb (Disfreq Remix)
07. ID
08. ID
09. ID
10. Anyma & Adam Sellouk – Exodus
11. ID
12. ID
13. Argy & Omnya – Aria
14. ID
15. Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People (Adam Sellouk Remix)

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