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EG.984 Nii Tei

“The inspiration for this mix comes from the simple energy that Mondays bring. A chance to tackle a brand new week with all the surprises, blessings, and learning experiences it comes packaged in” – Nii Tei

Nii Tei, a mesmerizing DJ and music producer, has embarked on an incredible journey through the world of sound. With his Ghanaian roots deeply ingrained in his music, Nii Tei has become a beloved figure in Miami’s vibrant music scene. What sets him apart is his ability to infuse genuine emotion and introspection into his craft, something that’s not always easy to find in today’s music industry.

From his earliest days, music has been Nii Tei’s passion and driving force. He doesn’t just play songs; he curates experiences that take listeners on a journey through their own emotions and experiences. Drawing from a diverse range of influences, he creates captivating soundscapes that resonate with audiences, making them think and feel deeply.

But Nii Tei is more than just a DJ – he’s a storyteller, using music as his medium. His seamless transitions between different musical styles keep the crowd engaged and connected, creating a sense of unity on the dancefloor. Whether he’s spinning in a packed club or at an outdoor festival, Nii Tei’s sets have a magical quality that transports listeners to another world, where they can lose themselves in the music and the moment.

Nii Tei’s signature style blends the deep, hypnotic beats of techno with the soulful rhythms of Afro-house, creating a sound that’s both infectious and thought-provoking. Each track is like a brushstroke on a canvas, painting a picture of the human experience in all its complexity.

Since he started producing music in 2020, Nii Tei has made a name for himself with releases on respected labels like Connected Frontline and Deep Playa Records. His music invites listeners to explore their own emotions and experiences, using sound as a catalyst for self-discovery and understanding.

In addition to his studio work, Nii Tei has rocked the stages of legendary venues like Club Space and Do Not Sit On The Furniture, as well as festivals like iii Points and Lightning in a Bottle. His ability to connect with audiences on a deep level has earned him accolades, including the title of Best DJ (Dance) in 2023 by the Miami New Times.

Nii Tei’s journey is far from over. With his unique sound and vision, he’s sure to continue captivating audiences and pushing the boundaries of electronic music for years to come.

01. Blaise S, Mule (Arg) – Twomey
02. ZHU – Cocaine Model (Mick Jerome Edit)
03. Dandara Manoela, Soldera, Cazt – Minha Prece (Extended Mix)
04. Unknown -Krlos
05. Gledd – Rewild
06. ReiRei, Minoas Cirillo – Lover (David Mayer Remix)
07. Hypaphonik – Yung Blk & Gfted
08. Meera – Blomst
09. Gerry Read & DJ Koze -Highly Recommended (Extended Mix)
10. Munk – Got It Baby
11. ANOTR, Erik Bandt – How You Feel feat. Leven Kali
12. Samer Soltan – Emotions
13. Crustation – Flame (Borderline Insanity Dub)
14. Philippa – Hold

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