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Laurence Matte is a relatively new face in the electronic music scene in her hometown, Montreal, Canada. Her skills inspire confidence while her daring provokes a journey. It’s not just a night, it’s a shared experience. A sense of communion and connection. It’s somewhere we go together.

Raised in her bohemian grandparent’s house, filled with treasures collected from world travels and vinyl from across the continents, she is truly a melting pot of influences. Harnessing this, she creates dynamic, emotional soundscapes. Her music is responsive and fluid: it moves with the feeling of the crowd. A natural autodidact and perfectionist, she is always tinkering with new formulas. Freely selecting sounds from different cultures, time periods, and genres. She has created the Cazar nights, a weekly event at Soubois. There, she invites local artists to promote the Montreal scene and builds a community around shared interests. She also has invited DJs that inspire her, such as Behrouz, Themba, Elfenberg, Unders, Birds of mind, Holmar, Britta Arnold, etc. with whom she played alongside at Cazar.

Her sets tell a story of voyage and adventure. She is audacious and artistic, equally inspired by the music of Lhasa de Sela as by the poetry of Boris Vian. With a musical practice that resembles a collage, she builds harmony out of chaos and creates something both poetic and strangely accessible. Always danceable, her sound often leans towards deep sets with both synthetic and organic touches. A soundtrack to get lost to.

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