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Borella is a Toronto-based electronic music artist known for her melodically dynamic sound that is vibrant and colourful.

Be it downtempo or darker and more progressive sounds, she makes sure to guide her listeners through different soundscapes; taking them to a space where music is the only language of thought. Her sets are known to take the audience through delicate and powerful journeys.

She took her very first music lessons at the age of five with her father; a professional percussionist. Later on at the age of twelve, she took her first guitar lessons in classical and Spanish disciplines. A former ballet dancer, Borella draws a significant amount of her inspiration from her dancing days, and often introduces genres such as jazz and classical music into her mixes.

Her love for electronic music developed in her teens. After exploring the underground scene for a few years, Borella found herself drawn to the deeper journey-like sounds that spoke a slightly more complex language than others.

01. Templanza – Odiseey [Visionary]
02. Marat Mode – Recondite [Musica Cavernicola]
03. Stefano Richetta – Beukennootje [Click Records]
04. Golan Zocher, Eric Lune – North to South (Michael A Remix) [Proton Music]
05. Vlad Jet – Not Your Circle [Sincopat]
06. Black Space – Odyssey [Einmusika Recordings]
07. Alejandro Mosso – Seeker [When We Dip XYZ]
08. Templanza – Alientronica [Visionary]
09. Alex Preda – After Midnight [Einmusika Recordings]
10. Zoe Xenia – B Sides [Motto Sono]
11. Da Fresh – Pendo [Freegrant Music]
12. Florian Kruse & Julian Wassermann – Marajo [Omnia Rec]
13. Di Rugerio – Eye of God [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]
14. Arude – Perigee [Blindfold Recordings]
15. Lucio Consolo – Sinecdoque [Vesta Records]
16. Th Moy – Oceans (dub.format Remix) [One Of A Kind]

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