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Captain Mustache’s new EP ‘Everything’ is now available via Kompakt Records. Grab your copy here

Captain Mustache is a French music producer and DJ from Paris. He’s been working on his project for many years to propose an army of beats, and he’s now signed on Kompakt Records, Bedrock, and Helena Hauff’s Return To Disorder.

As a true electronic music lover, he worked with some electro idols (Dave Clarke, Adamski, Chicks on Speed, The Advent, Paris The Black Fu, Keith Tucker, Play Paul…) to bring an extra vocal dimension to his music. Inspired by 80’s pioneers, Detroit techno and electroclash freaks, we can define his sound as romantic & burlesque.

Be sure, Mustache is the future.

01 – Olga – WedJan31 [LIITHELI]
02 – Ruba KPØ – Sisters [RKRS Recordings]
03 – Foremost Poets – Reasons To Be Dismal? (Dixon Update) [Poker Flat Recordings]
04 – Captain Mustache – The Future (Smash TV Remix) [My Favorite Robot Records]
05 – Cromby – Cruising [Unknown To The Unknown]
06 – Captain Mustache – Pulsions Organiques [Kompakt Records]
07 – Nebs Jack – Visions [Freegrant Music]
08 – Joyce Muniz feat. Demetrius – What’s Your Name [Poker Flat Recordings]
09 – Whitesquare – Acid Flashes [Whitesquare Series]
10 – Safety Last – Bronze [Fucanglong Files]
11 – Rex The Dog – Sicko (Bawrut Remix) [Kompakt Records]
12 – Captain Mustache feat. Fierce Ruling Diva – You Gotta Believe [My Favorite Robot Records]
13 – Mod Man – FOLD [Soft Computing]
14 – Captain Mustache feat. Paris The Black Fu – Danger [Return To Disorder]
15 – Hyperstellar – Monarchy [Zone]
16 – Larionov – Never Forever [Craigie Knowes]
17 – Captain Mustache feat. Play Paul – Everything [Kompakt Records]
18 – Can Love Be Synth – Bunker [A Clean Cut Records]
19 – Lois – Red Saw [Metrohm]
20 – Captain Mustache – Bleu Ciel [Bedrock Records]

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