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Standing behind the deck, looking at a sea of faces, Unders experiences nothing but gratitude. He is living a life he could have only imagined when he began his journey as a 12- year-old DJ in Holland. He feels deeply connected, locked into a common frequency & driven by intuition. His effortless ability to read an audience and create an immediate bond has placed Unders on stages across the globe, where it is proven time and time again; music has transcendent power.

A defining moment in Unders’ music career was when one of his co-conspirators, Sol Selectas Records, picked up his emotive track ‘Syria’ and introduced it to the world. It was at this moment when he witnessed the power his music could have on a global scale. Over 100 million plays placed ‘Syria’ on the top ten electronic tracks of 2016 Billboard charts. The honor continued when Satori expanded the tracks reach by weaving his remix into his live sets on the global stage. This overwhelming response to ‘Syria’ remains a watershed moment offering. Unders and his team opportunities previously unseen.

His rising reputation as an artist and producer has gifted Unders the opportunity to produce and play alongside Acid Pauli, Satori, Mira, Ame, Audiofly, Be Svendsen, Patrice Baumel, Guy Mantzur, and Henrik Schwarz to name but a few. His musical journey has taken
him to the far corners of the world, from Katerblau, Berlin, Sao Paolo, Mexico, and Switzerland to New York, Burning Man, Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, SXM Festival, Gardens Of Babylon, Fusion Festival and all over the Middle East. He has supported imprints
such as Sol Selectas Records, Supernature, UnderYourSkin, Kindisch and of course, his own, Happy Camper Records.

In 2018, Unders launched Happy Camper Records alongside the Belle of Berlin, Britta Arnold, and the formidably talented producer, Noraj Cue. The label is excited to be investing in raw talents and fostering their artists’ creativity with care and authenticity. Happy
Camper Records is committed to altering the conversations the world lives by and building platforms which expand the gift of creativity and self-care. Their new touring concept to hit the European market in 2020 is developing new “sustainable” methods of living and touring for creatives and the communities they inspire.

As insatiably curious now as he was in his teenage years, Under is on an endless quest for innovative sounds, tracks, artists, equipment, techniques, and most importantly, ways to more intimately touch his audience with his music. His collection of music is wide and varied and he never shies away from the outer reaches. His own music, both performed and produced, challenges expectations, builds subtle tension, draws the listener into a journey and creates a visceral power struggle of sound that taps into the very core of human emotion.

From a young age, Unders realized that music has the ability to unite us all. His commitment to inspire and promote a collective consciousness through sound has made Unders a beloved artist of the global underground music scene. A role he does not take lightly. A position he is honored to hold.

01. Luca Bacchetti – Black Swan (+ sample Mooji)
02. Joep Mencke – Project 27-06-20
03. Fink – Covering Your Tracks (Joep Mencke Remix)
04. Dave DK, Active Child – Johnny Belinda (Dave DK Pacific Coast Ride)
05. Anthony Middleton – What Could Have Been (Ode to BM2020)
06. Ryan Murgatroyd – Is that you
07. Bondi – Deep Shards
08. Ame – Positivland
09. Merlijn Nash & Noraj Cue – Chill ( + Russel Brand Sample)
10. Renato Ratier – Trippy feat. d
11. Daniel Sanchez – Walking Through The Hills
12. Ram Dass – Lows as your highs + Righteousness
13. Steve Hauschildt – Reverse Culture Music
14. Mooji – When your sensitive to life, to being Sample
15. The Cinematic Orchestra/London Metropolitan Orchestra. – Arrival Of The Birds
16. Bonobo, Andreya Triana – The Keeper feat. Andreya Triana (Banks Remix)
17. Maya Jane Coles – Nobody Else
18. Billy Caso – Los Ejes de Mi Carreta (Billy Caso Edit) 100
19. Oceanvs Orientalis feat. Fairu – Al Bint El Chalabiya
20. Oceanvs Orientalis – Chalabiya
21. Unders & Iorie feat Ravelli – Water Cowboy
22. Mari Kvien Brunvoll – Everywhere You Go
23. Miret – In Bloom
24. Nils Frahm – All Melody
25. Colleen – Captain of None
26. Moby – Pale Horses – Apparat Remix
27. The XX – Reunion (Ame Remix)
28. Angus & Julia – Nothing Else (unders & Noraj Cue bootleg)
29. Ben Lukas Boysen – Love
30. Noraj Cue – What If It Breaks (edit 12L 4×4)

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