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EG AFTER.114 Ben & Vincent

Born in Iran and of Assyrian heritage raised and educated in Europe … Ben & Vincent’s life and music have been strongly inspired by both eastern and western cultures. His mother being an Iranian & Assyrian folk singer has created a deep connection and appreciation of old middle eastern melodies, poems and instruments. Many fascinating personalities and liberal minds, who had fled Iran after the revolution, have been amongst close family friends and manifested a deep interest in many flavors of art. Musicians, painters and writers have left a profound impression on his thinking as well as on his expression through music.

In addition to this, growing up in Europe and the access to jazz, but also electronic music have been a great influence that directly translates into all of his compositions. Ben & Vincent’s compositions range from laid back jazz & lounge, deeply meditative & spiritual, catchy organic house & downtempo all the way to more up-tempo music for the dancefloors. While the music is touching a variety of slightly different genres, storytelling is at the core of all his compositions. The music combines traditional instrumentation with electronic grooves, the melancholic with the hopeful, as well as the ancient with the modern.

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