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EG AFTER.124 Marina Trench

French DJ and producer Marina Trench continues to illuminate the deep house underground as one of its most captivating and indispensable musical talents. With an unwavering commitment to her craft, Marina has earned a well-deserved reputation as a tastemaker with impeccable selection skills. Her innate ability to skillfully move vast crowds at clubs and festivals around the world has solidified her position as a sought-after performer.

Marina’s exceptional productions, featured on respected labels such as Wolf Music Recordings, Deeply Rooted, and Dam Swindle’s Heist Recordings, have brought her cultured, sophisticated, and mature sound to the attention of discerning tastemakers. There is a palpable sense that her star is rising higher with each passing day.

In October 2021, Marina launched her own imprint, Sweet State Records, marking a significant milestone in her career. Her inaugural self-release, the ‘Free Mind EP,’ showcased her versatility and artistic depth. The EP garnered remixes from other formidable female talents, including CINTHIE and Anna Wall.

In 2022, Marina is set to release her highly anticipated EP, ‘Imperméable en été,’ on her own Sweet State imprint. This collection features three original tracks that traverse a spectrum of musical styles, from the colorful and disco-infused opener “Ose,” co-produced with fellow Parisian artist Hugo LX, to the club-oriented “L’orage” and the emotive ballad “Hirondelle.” Marina’s ability to seamlessly navigate diverse musical landscapes demonstrates her boundless creativity and dedication to pushing her own artistic boundaries.

Looking ahead to 2023, Marina returns with a series of impressive remixes for the recently released ‘Imperméable en été EP’ on Sweet State Records. Renowned artist Gerd Janson lends his unmistakable touch to “Ose ft. Hugo Lx,” infusing it with timeless class. Earl Jeffers, a rising talent, puts his signature deep groove spin on “L’Orage,” seamlessly blending afro and UK house influences. Finally, emerging French talent Tatyana Jane contributes a dynamic remix of “Hirondelle,” fusing elements of breakbeat, techno, and afro-futurism to create a fresh and captivating sound.

Marina Trench’s musical journey continues to evolve and captivate, proving that she is a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music landscape. Her dedication to her craft and her unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries promise an exciting future for this talented artist.

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