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EG AFTER.128 Sebra Cruz

Sebra Cruz’s album ‘Don’t Worry Psy Happy’ is now available via Life and Death. Stream and download here

Since the mid-1990s, Sebra Cruz has been an integral part of the electronic music scene, initially making waves as “resident DJ” along the Italian Romagna coast clubs under the alias Pepe DJ. In the mid-2000s, he co-founded the acclaimed Margot duo and established Margot Records, making a significant mark on the industry.

Best known for electronic dancefloor classics like ‘France 2,’ ‘Magico Disco,’ ‘Er Suonone,’ and ‘Goblin Think,’ Sebra Cruz, along with GiagaRobot, gained recognition with releases licensed for James Holden’s Border Community. Their music catapulted them to play at renowned European festivals and clubs, solidifying their status as influential figures in the genre.

In addition to his work with Margot, Sebra Cruz has pursued a solo project, contributing to the vibrant electronic music landscape. His solo releases, including singles for Life And Death, collaborations with DJ Tennis, and remixes for artists such as Diplo, Catz N’ Dogz, and Joseph Ashworth, showcase his versatile and innovative approach to music.

As of April 2023, Sebra Cruz is set to unveil his debut album, marking a new chapter in his artistic journey. With a rich history and a promising future, Sebra Cruz continues to shape the electronic music landscape with his distinctive sound and unwavering passion.

01. Braids – Young Buck (DJ Python Remix)
02. ID
03. Fiyahdred – Da Mellowdee
04. Omar S – Tongue Pecker
05. Babyxsosa – Don’t Listen (Tom VR Edit)
06. Mark – Klon Dump – Let’s All Be Influenced
07. Tino – Work My Body
08. Stylus Trouble – One
09. ID
10. Ben Ritz – Feel The Rain (Original Mix)
11. MJ Cole – You Got Me (MJ’s So High Dubb)
12. Tera Deva – Fresh Start (Derrick Carter Re-Dub Dub)
13. John Tejada – Vereor
14. Coffintexts – Activo (Original Mix)
15. ID
16. Daft Punk – Make Love (Margot Edit 2017)
17. Alister Fawnwoda – Grasslands

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