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EG AFTER.130 Tim Engelhardt

Electronic Groove is thrilled to present Tim Engelhardt as our esteemed guest for the latest EG After of 2023.

At 17, Tim Engelhardt made a significant mark by releasing his debut album on Steve Bug’s Poker Flat label. This journey began a decade earlier with his introduction to classical music theory on the piano. Tim transitioned to computers and synthesizers for his production because he was influenced by his parents’ musical tastes and inspired by artists like Robert Babicz and Mike Oldfield.

During a diverse generation of young producers, Tim launched his career by releasing his first vinyl EP at 14. His unique approach blends deep music knowledge with an intuitive playfulness, manifesting in a profound love for harmony and expansive melodic structures coupled with an organic flow and atmospheric density.

Over the years, Tim’s remarkable discography has found a home on renowned labels such as Poker Flat, Cityfox, Watergate, Fryhide, Innervisions, and Vivrant. Notably, his second album, ‘Idiosynkrasia,’ was released on Oliver Koletzki’s Stil vor Talent in 2020.

Beyond the studio, Tim has extensively toured the globe, gracing dance floors at festivals and clubs across Australia, Africa, India, Europe, and the US. During the pandemic-induced touring drought, Tim’s dedication to studio work allowed him to make a name for himself as a sound engineer, enhancing the mixdowns of fellow artists. In 2021, he further contributed to the community by releasing numerous sample packs and software templates, supporting aspiring artists in their production endeavors.

Tim Engelhardt envisions a future of art with personality creations that reflect a piece of their creator’s essence. His mission is to convincingly translate the sounds in his head into reality, resulting in productions that defy the standard DJ fodder. Tim’s musical vision captivates both the club floor and the hi-fi system of your living room, showcasing his versatility and commitment to artistic authenticity.

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