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Eric Yaz is a producer, Live performer & DJ living in Washington DC, known for his energetic live-sets for almost a decade which perfectly alliance between techno, melodic techno and deep-tech.

Since his youth Eric has been in contact with music and soon became his passion. He gained lots of instrumental experience before moving on to techno.

Since then he has become an enthusiast of the underground scene and a desirous deep and uplifting sound-flow techno tourist.

His style blends across a range of genres, always guided by high doses of excitement. His reputation is built on the foundation of consistency and the journey taught him dedication, hard work, and the real joy of playing records for sympathetic ears.

He dips his harmony in his own soul to dedicate his own key of the piece into music that evident in his hard-working in the studio.

Eric currently working on his new album called ‘Neutron Flux’ and his music is gaining support from well known respected international artists, podcasts, labels, and music channels.

Since he became an underground devotee, the journey thought him to don’t chase esteem, but to make others remember his music.

01. Freak Unique – Quantum (Original Mix)
02. Diode Eins – Imagine (Original Mix)
03. Murat Ugurlu – PAranoia (Mintech Remix)
04. Melvin Spix,Yves Eaux – Hunter (Original Mix)
05. Dennis Cruz – Zig Zag (WAFF Remix)
06. KaiserDisco – Spirit (Original Mix)
07. Alex Mine – Nicotine (Original Mix)
08. BolsterR – Heath (Original Mix)
09. Pan-Pot – Kanal 7 (Original Mix)
10. Dani Sbert, Diego Straube – Utopia (Original Mix)
11. Dennis Cruz – I Can’t Go To Sleep (Original Mix)
12. Francesco Mami, SB-Unit – Keep On (Original Mix)
13. Christian Florio – Solarcity (Original Mix)
14. The Reason Y, Patrick Milaa – 2020 (Original Mix)
15. Mauro Somm- The Bass ( Dok & Martin & Carlos Peres Remix )
16. David Dega, Durtysoxxx – Unstoppable (Original Mix)
17. Ron Impro – Sickness (Shadym Remix )
18. Mario Ochoa – Terra (Original Mix)

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