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Sabura’s new track ‘Rogue Planet’ in collaboration with Clap Codex will be out on July 23rd via Tragedie. Grab your copy here

Sabura invites you into a dark, mystical world. Impulsive, dreamy, enthusiastic, in the moment. But also dark, coarse, shaking the soul and creating in trance states. His unmistakable costume made of recycled bicycle tubes, reminds of a mighty owl watching over everyone, Sabura not only plays sets, he also creates the setting.

With his talent for the realization of visions and events, which he does within his collective “Eulentanz”, he established contacts with artists and initiators, designed stages and cemented his name in the techno scene. After his first release “Sined” on Geistzeit came out, further tracks followed on well-known labels such as EIN2, Say What? Recordings and Alula Tunes. Big artists like Teenage Mutants, Betoko, Marius Drescher, Khainz, NekliFF, Yubik, Innacircle and BoyNextDoor supported him with remixes. Sabura knows no boundaries. The owl spreads its wings not only in Germany, he play his music all over Europe and recently toured in Asia. Sabura is at home where shadow and light alternate. He played at festivals like the „Habitat-Festival“, the „Wilde Möhre“ and also designed the concept for Festivalstages and worked as a Stagemanager.

His style shifts between progressive house, melodic and dark driving techno. Its sound is reminiscent of epic film themes. This creates an atmosphere that is detached from space and time. Sabura creates very own utopias and scenarios with his sets. Impulsive but sensitive. It drives you ceaselessly, carries you far out, lets you fall into the delirium and then catches you again. He feels comfortable in the dark. Wherever it is deep black, neutral, quiet and anonymous, he draws his creativity. Hypnotic, organic, cosmic and propulsive.

01. Layton Giordani – Astro (Original Mix)
02. Victor Ruiz – Illusions (Original Mix)
03. Giorgio Rusconi – Momentazo (Original Mix)
04. Tomas Otero – Copilot (Original Mix)
05. Cevin Fisher, Layton Giordani, Avision – Power (Original Mix)
06. Mark Reeve – Distance (Original Mix)
07. Alex Stein – The Phoenix (Original Mix)
08. Thomas Schumacher, Victor Ruiz – Wonder (Original Mix)
09. Clap Codex – Infinity (Original Mix)
10. Layton Giordani – New Generation (Original Mix)
11. Clap Codex & Sabura – Rogue Planet (Original Mix)
12. Julien Riess & Sabura – Pirelli (Original MIx)
13. Metodi Hristov – Color Blind (Metodi Hristov Remix)

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