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EG TECHNO.089 Kaiserdisco

Kaiserdisco’s ‘Together One Time’ is out now on Drumcode.

This set was recorded live on April 17th 2022 at Central Club in Erfurt, Germany.

Made up of Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck, German pair Kasierdisco have now been rocking clubs, remixing the acts that matter and putting their names in bold across festival marquees around the world for the best part of a decade. Years into their partnership, then, they continue to make indelible marks on the underground musical landscape.

Their name is synonymous with a no-nonsense, fad-free brand of electronic music that makes people dance as well as conveying real emotions, physicality and, of course, a subtle sense of fun. In recent years, they have moved away from their early tech house offerings into a more visceral techno style. It has taken them to landmark clubs and festivals like Space Ibiza, Awakenings, Panorama Bar in Berlin and Instytut in Warsaw, as well as seeing them collaborate with other artists. “The important concept behind Kaiserdisco is to make the people dance,” say the pair. “Our main goal to stimulate the people!”

Their latest release sees Kaiserdisco return to Drumcode for their first offering on the label since 2016, with a stellar hook-driven slice of techno inspired by a classic house record. ‘Together One Time’ fizzes and rolls, building up pace throughout, while the stirring vocal sets it up perfectly for peak-time impact. An essential weapon as we move into the spring raving season.

“The idea came about when Frederic and I were sitting together in the studio, listening to old, house classics. While doing so, we chatted about the good times, before the pandemic, when we could all still meet and party together. It might sound cheesy, but when this sample came up it immediately grabbed us and we thought it would fit perfectly to celebrate the end of the pandemic and the day or night when we all could “get together“ again and “put our hands together“ and finally celebrate together again.” – Patrick from Kaiserdisco

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