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EG TECHNO.105 Lady Tazz

Lady Tazz is here to emancipate the dance floor and everyone on it. Her darkly alluring techno offers an escape from normality. Inspired by her own experiences as a Canadian-Bangladeshi outsider, she wants to bring people together regardless of gender, ethnicity, race and sexual preference. The Mind Medizin label she curates is an extension of her sound – kinky techno with subliminal rhythms that liberate your erotic innocence.

Lady Tazz now has a global reputation having played the cult likes of E1 London, ://about blank in Berlin and Video Club in Bogota, as well as further afield around Europe. Her label’s releases have had high-profile support from techno’s A list, while her own heady and hypnotic productions on Rekids’ offshoot RSPX have showcased what she is all about: atmospheric soundscapes with raw textures, erotic moods and mind-melting synths all topped off with ethereal vocals that lodge deep in the soul.

Tazz is a global citizen who found freedom in the rave at the age of just 16. But it was a trip to Berlin that really showed her the power of repetitive beats so she developed the Lady Tazz alter ego and has been on the rise ever since. In the meantime, she completed a degree in Psychology and has helped to run the family business in Bangladesh, where she also started the first English-speaking radio station. It was a huge success and saw Lady Tazz win several awards as well as host her own forward-thinking show. As the show grew, it helped Lady Tazz pick up fans around the world while also helping to drive forwards an all-new underground scene in Bangladesh.

Cultural expectations on women back home meant the keen young artist had to make secret trips abroad to learn the art of production. When she eventually revealed her project to the world, she was bullied online and backlash followed her every move. Fortunately, her family was on her side and empowered her to carry on down her own path. “I don’t need anything back from anyone,” she says. “I just want everyone to find peace from within.”

The cultural disruptor also hosts her own basement parties under the Techno Bunker banner. She’s had 500 people in there and they have a truly illicit feel as having any party in Bangladesh can be a real challenge. “It’s very risky and scary to throw any events as we can get into trouble with law, have media come with cameras and bring extreme shame to our families,” she says. “Plus, since we come from a brown society, being a DJ is looked down upon so it’s a constant battle. It’s always important to me to provide a safe space for the community so we can dance with our friends. When we do that in Bangladesh it feels the most liberating because it’s a battle to throw a single event so when we do, we win.”

The Mind Medizin label also helps her on her mission. It is an ecosystem of self-expression with its own sporadic events around the world where people are free to explore the dark and mysterious, the seductive and the shadowy. Like Lady Tazz herself, it has a kinky undercurrent and channels an alluring sexual energy into all new forms of techno escapism.

01. Bailey Ibbs- Nokstella
02. Mark Broom W.W.W.W.W.W.W.Work
03. Jauri – Pueblo
04. Zisko & Dis – Speed of Harmonics
05. Hemka – Yiga’s Groove
06. Jauri – Hunajpu
07. Are_gone – (Unreleased)
08. Dustin Zahn , Marcal – Charger
09. Uncertain -( Unreleased)
10. Ben Sims – Unity
11. Jeremy P Caulfield – Razor PM
12. Are_gone (Unreleased)
13. Gene Richards JR (Unreleased)
14. Willam Arist – Neo Groove II
15. William Arist – Neo Groove I ( Truncate Remix ) Mind Medizin13. Enerty – Food & Games
14. D-Unity – Norma
15. Dense & Pika – Honey Ft Matthew Dear (Ryan James Ford Remix)
16. Giovanni Carozza – Your Body

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