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EG TECHNO.110 Zorza

Zorza’s latest EP ‘Once You Fall’ is now available for streaming and buy via Saike.

Zorza, the emerging artist hailing from Toronto, Canada, has been making waves in the electronic music scene with her dynamic and diverse sound. While she has gained recognition for producing a wide range of electronic music, from indie dance to techno, it is her mastery of the electronic groove that sets her apart.

Renowned for her high-energy trance and hard dance sets, Zorza has captivated audiences and garnered a substantial following on Twitch, solidifying her position as one of the top music streamers. Her talent lies in crafting bass lines that effortlessly evoke saccharine nostalgia, seamlessly blending them with eccentric pop melodies that leave a lasting impression.

Zorza’s journey has been punctuated by a string of successful singles, each showcasing her evolving artistry and unique vision. One of her recent releases, ‘Bodiless,’ propelled her onto Spotify’s radar in 2022, earning her a coveted spot on RADAR Canada’s esteemed list of Ones To Watch for 2023. Additionally, she graced the cover of Planet Rave, further cementing her rising status in the industry.

Having shared the stage with esteemed artists like Shlømo and Skin on Skin, as well as performing at renowned festivals such as Boiler Room Toronto and Pep Rally, Zorza has established herself as a force to be reckoned with. Her debut performance in Germany, at the illustrious Amp Muenster, showcased her ability to captivate audiences on an international scale.

Zorza’s forthcoming release on Saike, a label founded by Shlømo, is highly anticipated and promises to exhibit the natural evolution of her signature sound. Drawing inspiration from the realms of techno, trance, and hyperpop, Zorza fearlessly merges these genres, forging a sonic landscape that is entirely her own. Her ability to seamlessly combine elements from various genres reflects her artistic fearlessness and willingness to push boundaries.

01. SAMOH – Dancing With The Devil
02. Astral Bandit x Claire’s Accesories – Kling Klang
03. VIZIONN – Play That Track
04. Vermeer – Wolpertinger
05. VOST – Concept
06. New Frames – Moral High Ground (New Frames OMG TikTok Remix)
07. BIIA – Chips
09. Zeuz – Psy Or Die
10. Zorza – Exhale
11. LÄUFF – 3AM Again
12. Hast – Remember Us
13. Sioc – Crystallized
14. Clouds – Spider Opal
15. SJUSH – Pacman’s Deathwish
16. Krl Mx – xxx-mp3-fastdriver-xxx
17. Zorza – ID
18. KTRSX – Sexy Moves
19. trillosta – Inner Force
20. Buffalo In Crime – Can You Imagine
21. AISHA – Afters At The Hard House
22. Olmatri – Tobogan
23. Zorza – Fallen Wing
24. Zorza – Unseen

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