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EG TECHNO.112 Chemtrailz

Chemtrailz’s ‘The Future is Matriarchy’ is now available via  Exhale. Grab your copy here

Cutting his teeth on California’s legendary desert raves and thumping warehouses, Chemtrailz has worked hard to become the underground sensation he is today. A master horticulturist for well over 15 years, the American artist has cultivated a deep, hard, hypnotic sound to create a vibrant voyage that sets dancefloors aflame.

Starting out as a raver in 2004-2008 in the “golden era” of trance in Austin, Texas, Chris traveled to Europe to discover roots of the rave. Immersing himself in Europe’s underground dub and bass scene along with Miami’s WMC and UMF offerings, he quickly became inspired to switch from his rap music background to techno and trance.

The seeds had been planted, taking the plunge into audio school and receiving his audio engineering certifications in the following years. Chris began releasing in 2011 under various aliases and won a massive remix contest in 2012, receiving support from the esteemed Todd Terry. After further honing his craft and exploring other genres such as trance, psy and progressive while spending a whopping 15k+ hours in the studio, He couldn’t help but return to his techno origins.

Starting in 2018, the Chemtrailz project began, blooming with a number of successful EPs and singles releases on top labels such as EXHALE, Voxnox, CLTX’s TX Records, The Finest Techno, Suara, ODD, Autektone Dark, and Fatima Hajji’s Silver M. In 2020, his artistry broke through the noise winning a highly-competitive remix contest on Suara for Coyu’s rave banger, ‘Descontrol’. Released on a 4-track EP alongside reputable artists Flug, Temudo, and Jay Clarke, Chemtrailz solidified his spot in this red-hot scene. He’s gone on to win other contests, including a single on Voxnox premiered on HATE alongside Alignment in 2022.

During the 2020 Lions Gate Portal, he was compelled to launch his own imprint, Terra Novae. This proved to be the right move, adding to his collection of support from industry giants such as Amelie Lens, Charlotte De Witte Paula Temple, Rebekah, Volvox, Lorenzo Ragazini, Slam, Ellen Allien, Raven, and many more. Capturing the attention of Boiler Room, they featured him on their ‘Hard Dance’ series in 2021, growing his name worldwide.

In May 2023 Chris turned a new page in his career with his single ‘The Future is Matriarchy’ on Amelie Lens’s Exhale VA004. With plans for a move soon to Europe, there is no ceiling for the Chemtrailz project.

As one of the most exciting exports the US has to offer, Chemtrailz has become a trance-inducing techno hybrid that’s taken on a life of its own. He’s no stranger to the top of the charts, and certainly not to the upper echelon of touring techno artists’ playlists. With rumbling basslines and ethereal melodies, you’ll soon see him at a rave near you.

1. Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (Trust True Edit)
2. David Strasser – Show Me Love (Sport Mix)
3. Chemtrailz – Eternally Yours Truly (Original Mix)
4. Chemtrailz – The Future Is Matriarchy (Original Mix)
5. STRACID – DMT (Lucinee Remix)
6. ATC – All Around The World (KIRPITCH & LEMEGETON Edit)
7. Nur Jaber & Amstra – Drowning In Sorrow (Original Mix)
8. Everything But The Girl-Missing (Chemtrailz Remix)
9. Niereich – Die Macht der Nacht (Original Mix)
10. DLV, Blame the Mono – Halbwesen (Original Mix)
11. Chemtrailz – The Deepening (Original Mix)
12. Caravel – Right Now (Original Mix)
13. NØNAME X LESSSS – Free Love (Original Mix)
14. Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (WAR DEN Edit)
15. Remon Verhoeve – Inner Psycho (Original mix)
17. Farrago – Naked Light (Original Mix)
18. Tigerhead – Looking Glass (Original Mix)
19. DEV X Raban – Jance (Original Mix)

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