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EG TECHNO.113 Federico Blank

‘Monday Night’ is  Federico Blank’s new track included on Son Of A Rave’s VA compilation  ‘Quantum Computing’. Stream and download here

Federico Blank is a renowned DJ and electronic music producer from Venezuela. His career began in 1999 in Caracas, his hometown and current residence. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to showcase his definition of techno and house music. In parallel with his musical career, over the past 20 years, Federico has developed himself as a professional in the multimedia and digital marketing industry.

From a young age, Federico (under various pseudonyms: Ordep Zerep, Bl4ck, 3P, F3D, and Spyder) was interested in music, and his journey as a DJ started in the local rave scene of the 90s, drawn to the sounds of acid and techno. He quickly rose and led numerous electronic music projects in the Venezuelan capital.

Since then, both in Venezuela and through travels in America and Europe, he has been involved in music at various levels: DJ, label manager, A&R, event producer, remixer, internet radio director, radio host, copyrighter, PR, booker, and copywriter for renowned projects (such as Sons of a Rave, Kremadelik,, and Dj College, among others).

His name appears in over 40 record productions from labels like Get Physical, Sons of a Rave, Different is Different… These productions span from minimal, house and techno to dub and experimentation.

In 2013, he entered the world of clubbing and successfully directed his own venue at Hotel Hacienda El Recreo in La Victoria.

In 2014, he launched La Conceptual, one of the rooms in the club, where he managed artist bookings while also serving as a resident DJ. This room is exclusively dedicated to electronic music and has become an icon of the underground music scene to this day.

He has also been a resident at other clubs such as Suka Bar, The Flower, and 360 in Caracas, as well as Otto Zutz and Dot during his residency in Barcelona.

Due to the deep crisis in the country, he moved to Playa del Carmen in late 2015. There, he was a frequent guest at various clubs in the city.

Later in 2016, he returned to Venezuela for family reasons and has remained active in his production work in the studio, playing live sets, and DJ sets in private parties, clubs, and bars in Caracas.

Since 2020, Federico hosts Mixbehave, a live radio nationwide show every Friday and Saturday from 9 pm to midnight on the Caracas station Líder 94.9 FM.

During the summer of 2023, Federico went on a mini tour around Europe where he played in Madrid, Barcelona, and Berlin in places like Moog in Barcelona, and AVA in Berlin. Now, he is back in business in his home studio preparing new releases for his label Sons of a Rave.

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